CSICon Las Vegas 2017

CSICon Las Vegas 2017

October 26 – 29

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Richard Dawkins

A Conversation with Richard Dawkins ›from CSICon 2016

Maria Konnikova

Confidence Games, with Maria Konnikova ›from CSICon 2016

Paul Offit

God’s Own Medicine, with Paul Offit ›from CSICon 2016

Save the Date: CSICon is Returning to Las Vegas for 2017!

Today you turned on your computer or your phone and Facebook told you that vaccines are an evil government plot, Twitter told you that the sun is revolving around a flat Earth, and the House Science Committee told you that climate change is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, up is down, true is false, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and dogs and cats may in fact be living together.

Enough already!

It’s time once again for the forces of reason and science to come together; time for critical thinkers to connect, learn from one another, and sharpen their skills; time for the leading lights of skepticism to share their wisdom and rally the troops.

It’s time for CSICon 2017, back in Las Vegas.

October 26-29, join luminaries such as James Randi, Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, Richard Wiseman, Lawrence Krauss, and master of ceremonies George Hrab for the biggest skeptics’ event of the year, returning triumphantly to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the city of illusions. CSICon 2017 will be packed with fascinating talks and presentations, dazzling entertainment, and fun social events with fellow skeptics.

This October, get away from the fake news and conspiracy theories filling up your news feeds at CSICon 2017: Your alternative to alternative facts.

Michael Mann

An Interview with Michael Mann
Meet CSICon Speaker Michael Mann ›

Bob Novella

An Interview with Bob Novella by Susan Gerbic
Meet CSICon Speaker Bob Novella ›

Maria Konnikova

An Interview with CSICon Speaker Maria Konnikova
Meet CSICon Speaker Maria Konnikova ›

Sheldon W. Helms

An Interview with CSICon Speaker Sheldon W. Helms
Meet CSICon Speaker Sheldon W. Helms ›

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A jousting knight

people in costume at the Halloween party: Hillary Clinton, Zombie Donald Trump, and a Blues Brother

In addition to all of the fantastic speakers above, CSICon Las Vegas 2017 also features:

  • Lunch with Steven Novella on Friday
  • A Tournament of Kings Joust Dinner Friday night
  • Lunch with Joe Nickell on Saturday
  • A VIP luncheon with James Randi, Lawrence Krauss, and Richard Dawkins on Saturday
  • A Halloween Costume & 70s Disco Party Saturday night
  • And more!

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Hotel & Travel

Excalibur Hotel & Resort
3850 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

excalibur.com · (702) 597-7777

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Beginning on April 15, 2017, Center for Inquiry attendees will receive a discount and bonus Rapid Reward points from Southwest Airlines through our SWABIZ account. Southwest Airlines is offering an 8% discount off Anytime & Business Select fares and a 2% discount off select Wanna Get Away fares for travel to and from the conference. Book your travel between April 15, 2017 & October 10, 2017 to take advantage of the discounted rates. (Discounts are available for travel October 24, 2017 through November 1, 2017.)

By flying Southwest Airlines, as a Center for Inquiry traveler, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • 50% bonus Rapid Reward points for your travel to & from the convention with Rapid Rewards # added to your reservation. To enroll in the Rapid Rewards program, visit www.southwest.com/corporaterapidrewards
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  • Consistently ranked the “Best in Customer Service” by DOT

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Other Info

Call for Papers

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is delighted to announce that we will incorporate a Sunday Morning Papers session at CSICon Las Vegas.

The Sunday Morning Papers session will recognize new voices and new ideas and showcase them in the spotlight of the CSICon stage. If you have had success in communicating scientific skepticism, teaching critical thinking, combating pseudoscience, or furthering the mission of CSI in some new and significant way, we want to hear from you! More Information & Submission Instructions ›

Volunteer Information

CSICon Las Vegas needs your help! We are seeking a number of volunteers to help support the event, whether with speaker support, registration, event management, PR, merchandising, outreach, tabling, or other opportunities. More Information & Sign-up Instructions ›


Policy on Hostile Conduct / Harassment at Conferences: View policy ›


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The Center for Inquiry values full participation at all of its events, including participation from individuals with disabilities. Requests for reasonable accommodation may be made by contacting Barry Karr at (716) 636-4869 ext. 217 or bkarr@centerforinquiry.net.