reason for change: leadership conference - july 24-27, 2014 - amherst, ny -


The Leadership Conference begins on Thursday, July 24 around 4:00pm and ends on Sunday, July 27 around 1:00pm.

Some of the featured workshops and presentations include:

  • Gaining Political Clout on Your Campus, a presentation by Sarah Levin
  • I Had Malaria and So Can You: Secular Service and You, a presentation by Ben Blanchard
    "For a year The Pathfinders traveled doing work in developing countries as atheists. Through 8 countries and 10 projects, they paved the way for a new form of service in the secular community. Learn about secular service, how it affects you, and how you can benefit."
  • High School Activism, a panel discussion with Jordan Balderas and Isaiah Smith, moderated by Max Nielson
  • Campus & Community, a panel discussion with Jennifer Beahan, Jesse Markus, and Benjamin Cook
  • Skeptical Activism Workshop with Desiree Schell
  • Political Advocacy Workshop with Michael De Dora
  • Live Forever: How to Make Succession Planning a Priority, a presentation by Stef McGraw
    Running a group is great, but even better is making sure the group lives to see the days past its original leadership. This presentation will explain the how’s and why’s of effective succession planning.”
  • Taking Your Group to the Next Level, a presentation by Cody Hashman
  • Protests: How and Why, a presentation by Max Nielson
  • How to Throw a Big Event, a presentation by Julie Mankowski and Will Bonnett
  • Developing an Online Presence, a workshop with Sarah Kaiser
  • The Science of Change, a presentation by Debbie Goddard
  • The Scope of Humanism, a presentation by Ron Lindsay

There will also be an optional Secular Celebrant Training available on July 24 from 9:00am until 4:00pm before the conference beings.

  • Registration is $75 ($25 for students)
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