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Speakers include

Stephen Law | Ophelia Benson | Daniel C. Dennett | Jessica Ahlquist | Pz Myers | Sikivu Hutchinson | Russell Blackford | Elisabeth Cornwell | Steven K. Green | George Hrab | Sir Harold Kroto | Rita Swan | and more!

Speakers at Moving Secularism Forward

Why Florida?

Florida will host one of 2012’s most dramatic church-state battles. In response to a Council for Secular Humanism lawsuit, a measure on Florida’s November 2012 ballot would amend the state constitution to jettison language that forbids state funding of religious institutions. The national implications: more than thirty-five other states have similar constitutional provisions (often called “Blaine Amendments”) that bar state aid to religious groups in language stronger than the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

At “Moving Secularism Forward,” you’ll learn about the Florida face-off—about what you can do to help defend Florida’s Blaine Amendment—and much, much more!

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

Schedule includes

Face-off in Florida | Outreach and Advocacy Strategies | Does Secular Humanism Have a Political Agenda? | What Are Our Objectives as Secular Humanists? | Nuts and Bolts Outreach Workshop | and more!

A Council for Secular Humanism/Center for Inquiry Joint Conference

What is secular humanism in action? It’s not hard to find: from Oregon to Rhode Island, secular values are triumphing over ignorance and bigotry thanks to the work of brave activists. But at the same time, sick children are being denied medical treatment because of their parents’ religious beliefs. State constitutions, besieged by influence from the religious Right, are bending rules to fund religious organizations. In classrooms, in courthouses, and even within families, defending secular values and humanitarian rights has never been more important. 

What can we do to ensure that we are changing the world, maximizing our impact, furthering our goals—how can we keep moving forward? Feel the pulse of the secular humanist movement and find out what you can do to empower your own community at the Council for Secular Humanism and Center for Inquiry joint annual conference. “Moving Secularism Forward” will bring together some of the most respected leaders and activists in the freethinking world to educate, inspire, and unite secular humanists from across the country.

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