The Skeptic’s Toolbox

Evaluating Evidence: Garbage In, Garbage Out

The notion that beliefs should be based on evidence is fairly recent. Nowadays, proponents justify their claims, both plausible and implausible, on the basis of evidence. Good evidence is difficult to come by. Even when the evidence is good, proponents of a claim often misinterpret or misuse it.

The goal of this year's Toolbox is to supply you with the tools to evaluate and use evidence. To properly justify a claim, evidence has to be adequate and properly interpreted.

August 9–12, 2012

Eugene, Oregon

Harriet Hall, MD’s presentation from the 2012 Skeptic’s Toolbox is now available for download (.PPTX). Also available: Dr. Hall’s 2009 presentation "Tooth Fairy Science and Other Pitfalls: Applying Rigorous Science to Messy Medicine".

All readings for The Skeptic’s Toolbox are now available for download. (Readings updated 7/9/12.)

Download the printable brochure for the Skeptic’s Toolbox (.PDF) »

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