Darwin Day

Celebrate Darwin Day on February 12!


Darwin Day is an international celebration of human achievement and scientific inquiry. Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809, which is why we celebrate on or around February 12.

The continuing relevance and integrity of Darwin’s Great Idea and his significant contributions to science make Darwin Day a great opportunity to reach out to fellow students and your local community with fun and educational events. We have information and inspiration to help you with Darwin Day event planning—email a campus organizer, or check out the event ideas and resources on this page:

Event Ideas:

  • Darwin Birthday Party: hats, cake, pin the tail on the finch—you get the idea
  • Darwin Birthday Card: get some poster board, grab some markers, and ask students around campus to sign a birthday card for Charles Darwin. The CFI On Campus affiliate at Florida State University has a great example!
  • Darwin Valentine’s Day: some groups have created Darwin-themed Valentine’s cards or candy to sell for group fundraising or to raise money for their favorite charity. Here is an example!
  • See Effects of Evolution: go to a zoo or ask an animal expert to show you evolutionary adaptations in animals
  • Movie Viewing: check with local libraries for films on evolution that your group can watch together
  • Science Lecture: host a lecture (or series of lectures) on evolution or some other scientific topic

As with all events, collaborating with other groups is great way to build community and to meet others who share similar values and interests. Check with your school’s biology club or other science-related groups who may be interested teaming up for Darwin Day. Also, don’t forget about collaborating with freethought, skeptic, or science groups in your local community. Center for Inquiry branches usually have Darwin Day celebrations of their own, so if there’s a CFI branch nearby, be sure to get in touch to find out how your group can take part.


  • Visit the Center for Inquiry Speakers Bureau to find a list of speakers who specialize in evolution, creationism, and intelligent design. Contact us if you need help booking a speaker.
  • International Darwin Day Foundation has information about Charles Darwin, evolution, and Darwin Day events around the globe.
  • Darwin Online is an online repository of Darwin’s publications and other writings, as well as supplementary material covering the life, times, and travels of the revolutionary scientist.
  • The National Center for Science Education has advice and resources to help you advocate for and understand evolution. Check their Taking Action page.
  • Read On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life by Charles Darwin here or go to LibriVox to download the audiobook for free!
  • PBS.org has a plethora of information regarding evolution, science, and Charles Darwin. Their evolution site is here with specific sections for Darwin, change, extinction, survival, and more.
  • The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online has drawings, journal entries, and more fun, visual resources.
  • There are a few “tree of life” sites that allow you to interact with diagrams explaining evolution. See them at Tree of Life or Tree of Life Web Project.
  • The University of California Berkeley has a website called Understanding Evolution that includes teaching materials and resources to explain the science of evolution.
  • Darwin and evolution-themed podcasts are available through Endless Forms and iTunes.
  • SecularRadioTheater, a “good old time radio show” produced by members of CFI–Indiana, has an episode called “Darwin’s Recantation and Conversion,” in which they reenact and critically examine Lady Hope’s claim to be an eyewitness at Darwin’s deathbed.

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For Help:

Email us if you have questions or want to suggest other resources.