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  • … how pathetically weak evidence can be and still have billions of people consider it to be enough to base their lives on.

  • 3point14rat replied to the topic Spiritism in the forum Religion and Secularism 2 days ago

    Sofisa, look up “logical fallacies” on the internet.

    The first hit I got was https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/. Just click on any of the icons at the top of the screen to see a description and example of the many fallacies.

    If you don’t like that site, there are about a million other ones to choose from. It might be a good idea to check out a…[Read more]

  • I haven’t watched the video (can’t at work and no time at home), but do you accept his justification for claiming one is the cause of the other?

    Your post says that an alphabet leads to different thinking patterns, but is it because of written language? I ask because Chinese has no alphabet and is a form of image based writing, Egyptian…[Read more]

  • Sofista “Spiritism says that the cause of transsexuality is the reincarnation of a female spirit in the male body and the reincarnation of a male spirit in the female body!”

    Pretty sure we’ve already dealt with the fact that spiritism is sham based on something that doesn’t exist. So there is no reason whatsoever to think that what you wrote is…[Read more]

  • According to https://skeptoid.com/skeptic.php, ‘skepticism’ is…

    The true meaning of the word skepticism has nothing to do with doubt, disbelief, or negativity. Skepticism is the process of applying reason and critical thinking to determine validity. It’s the process of finding a supported conclusion, not the justification of a preconceived…

    [Read more]

  • “So what I want to know is what kind of evidence do the skeptics want to prove the existence of the spirits?”

    Anything measurable and not anecdotal would be great, thank you.

    If spirits existed it would be child’s-play to come up with a way of getting evidence because when they interact with the real world, that interaction can be measured or…[Read more]

  • This is a flow chart of the scientific method. There is nothing that this process cannot investigate.


    If you believe spirits exist but are not able to be investigated, please tell us why not.

  • Sofista: “These limitations are based on the fact that a hypothesis must be testable and falsifiable and that experiments and observations can be repeated. This puts certain topics beyond the reach of the scientific method.”

    Just so you know, the only topics that are beyond the reach of the scientific method are those topics that do not exist in…[Read more]

  • The only limitation the scientific method has is that whatever it is used to study, must exist.

    That means that if spirits exist, the scientific method is the best tool we have to investigate them. To not understand that means you don’t understand the scientific method.

    It’s not a sin to not understand something… but it should prompt you to…[Read more]

  • LoisL: “The opinion of skeptics is that spiritism doesn’t exist because there is no objective evidence that it exists, no different than Skeptics’ opinions  of gods.”

    I second that statement. Unless there’s a positive reason to believe spiritism exists, a skeptic won’t claim that it exists.

    I personally take it a bit further and don’t even thin…[Read more]

  • I haven’t traveled much, not even within Canada, but I’m very fortunate that where I do travel is some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth.

    You will not be disappointed with a vacation through the Canadian Rockies and through the foothills of Alberta and into the interior of BC.

    As for the religious views of my host, he is in his late…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>Most of those are pretty popular games.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I hadn’t heard of any of the games either until a friend introduced me to one. We loved it so asked what other games he had. He showed me his wall of games and spent the next hour lovingly explaining each of th many dozens he had.</p>
    <p…[Read more]

  • Spirituality (only in the religious sense, not our innate ability to feel awe) is learned. Psychosis is internally generated.

    So I’m thinking they could be separate but linked, due to the fact that some people use their learned religious ideas to do or say things that others consider psychotic.

    My friends speak in tongues at their church, which…[Read more]

  • Jack, you can’t just jump into a bunch of strangers in a forum based on thoughtful inquiry, ask bizarre questions, and expect to be handled with kid gloves.

    Heck, you might be right, but your story is so lacking in consistent details or written in a way that makes the reader think you’re sane, that no one is willing to entertain your irrational…[Read more]

  • My son plays D&D. I was huge into Forgotten Realms books back in the 80’s and 90’s, but never knew anyone who did D&D, so never tried. I encouraged my son to play it, and he found a few friends willing to try. The imagination required is what I love hearing about. When my son plans a game, he spends hours researching creatures and thinking about…[Read more]

  • What board games do you play?

    I play them sometimes. A few I play most often are:

    • Lords of Waterdeep
    • Alhambra
    • Century Spice Road
    • Puerto Rico
    • Carcassonne
    • Bohnanza
    • Onitama
    • Kingdomino
    • Call to Adventure (just bought it a few weeks ago)
    • Azul
    • Catan
    • Dominion

    I’ve played lots of others, but those are the ones I play the most.

  • Mike’s posts make me sad. I want to have a positive outlook on my children’s future, but people like him ruin it for me. I put on a happy face at home, but I really do despair.

    Ok… now I’m getting kinda mad. Ignorance and it’s power to ruin the world for my kids makes me mad.

    I think I need to go read some of CC’s or Lausten’s posts before I…[Read more]

  • “Caste can be controlled by good morals. You can even have good caste if you have good morals.”

    Since ‘caste’ is basing the hierarchy of a society on heredity, it is by definition immoral. Claiming it is moral or can be morally good is to not understand anything about morals and/or what ‘caste’ means.

    Until you learn what the words you use mean,…[Read more]

  • “When the pharaoh saw the people were unhappy. He would readjust the wealth and make the people happy again. This readjustment or recycling of the capitalist system of a temple had to take place about once every twenty years or once a generation.”

    Your imaginary capitalism success story has a pharaoh who redistributes wealth?

    Do you know the…[Read more]

  • Player: “The past half century of American capitalism has been a period of decay, presided over by a criminal oligarchy of corporate billionaires and financial speculators. The United States has the highest social inequality of any major industrialized country; its social infrastructure is in a state of collapse; and its healthcare and public…

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