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  • Cool. Thanks Lausten. I didn’t know there was a way of recovering posts that went AWOL.


  • Isn’t it the highlighting of the edges of the limbs as they pass in front of the rest of the body that makes the brain see a direction of rotation?

    If the edges weren’t noticeable, I could see it being an optical illusion, but since there are obvious cues that indicate which side of the body each limb is on, it seems pretty unamazing.

    Am I wrong?

  • Hey! Where’d my post go? Pretty sure I put one here a while ago, Lausten even hinted at something I wrote in it in his last sentence.

    Well that sucks. Maybe I’ll come back later when I have the time to write another.

  • “Wanting to be happy pales in comparison to the facts as they are, which don’t really care about what I want.”

    In other words, unless “the facts” care about what you want, you won’t be happy? Do you read what you type?

    You refuse to acknowledge what we say because we don’t support your fake reasons for being perpetually depressed. Stop and t…[Read more]

  • Bob:  “Xain, you might want to pick up a copy of Mad magazine.  The pre-2018 issues are collectible.”

    Ahhhh, Mad magazine.

    I used to collect them in the 80’s and had a subscription for two years in the early 90’s (not a particularly good thing to mention to girls when you’re in college). I still have a few good sized boxes full of them. Around t…[Read more]

  • Xain:
    I want to be happy but that is irrelevant to what IS, and as the block quote said what you guys are talking about is not normal and is only sought  by humans because of an imbalance in us.

    I want to be happy…” – Excellent!

    …but that is irrelevant to what IS…” – False. It is demonstrably true that we can be either happy or not happy…[Read more]

  • “Misery isn’t a choice.”

    No one’s saying that enjoying life or being happy is completely within your power. But it is 100% in you power to want to be happy, and unless you want to be happy, you never will be.

    I know people living in circumstances better than 99.99% of the rest of the human population will ever be able to experience, who c…[Read more]

  • Xian, here’s a quote from the wall of text you dumped on us (it’s the last sentence of the 11th paragraph): “Nothing is a Really Big Deal to balanced people – because everything is.

    At the moment you see the world as a place where nothing matters. You are 180 degrees off: Everything matters.

    When you understand that concept you will have the a…[Read more]

  • Xian, I hope you know you are free to come here and get along with people. If you choose to post something positive and uplifting, you might be surprised at how much more enjoyable the responses are to read.

    There’s no problem with disagreement and discussion and banter, so stick and make this part of your days the ‘funnest’ part.

  • Maslow made a scale ranking the relative importance of the needs of an average person. It is not meant to indicate the order in which every single person has to order every single aspect of their life. Consider it to be generally true. For example, you can put some Aesthetic needs over some Cognitive needs (you can comb your hair before you read a…[Read more]

  • Bob, I mentioned that to Xian many months ago.

    Even caring for a kitten or puppy could open him up to the sense of fulfillment that caring for something with wants and needs and that feels love and pain. Unless someone is a sadist, there is a deep and meaningful connection with who/whatever they are caring for.

    Without that sort of connection in…[Read more]

  • TimB:

    3Point, sorry to hear about your fellow Canadians, in the Iranian missile defense/civilian airline catastrophe.

    I blame T rump, though I imagine he blames Obama.

    Trump’s an evil moron.

    I agree that his attack on Iran was more to deflect his mindless follower’s gnat-like attention away from all the evidence against him in the impeachment.…[Read more]

  • I like to think that Michelangelo was smart enough to be a Pastafarian if he lived today. It would be insulting him to think otherwise.

  • OOPS! I thought you knew I was kidding. Sorry, I sometimes don’t know when people don’t know me well enough to ‘get’ me. TimB made a funny so I thought I could piggy-back on it.

    The first comment was me pretending I thought you were saying that math is a thing that intentionally creates art. I know it’s not. My second comment had silly stuff at…[Read more]

  • [I can see this evolving into a “What is art” conversation.]

    As for ‘math’ doing art, where is there a gallery displaying their stuff? All I see is people using math’s concepts to create their own art. Math appears to be fine with sitting back and taking the credit for their hard work- what a jerk.


    Art is personal. I’ve seen things labeled…[Read more]

  • TimB:  “You say it’s mathematical. But do you deny that a colander is the symbol of belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster deity? Huh? What about that? my friend.”

    That’s a total checkmate argument. Well done! I’ve never heard of ‘math’ doing art, not even finger paining.

    There is an obvious godly element to this video- those are clearly no…[Read more]

  • I love Christmas songs and listen to them on and off throughout the year.

    Growing up, our Christmases were epic. I love love love Christmas because all my childhood memories are great.

    Widdershins, This year, may you (and everyone else who cringes at Christmas songs) create some good memories to associate with Christmas so the songs bring you…[Read more]

  • Whew! That’s a doozie.

    I don’t know the rules to these things. Hopefully searching for it on the internet is legal, because that’s what I just did.

    Glad that’s over. I feel like sitting back, relaxing and having a cigarette (or maybe a doughnut instead since I don’t smoke). My stress level was going up every time I came back here because all the…[Read more]

  • Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmastime

    It’s an interesting coincidence that two of my favorite Christmas songs are by Beatles.

    • Lausten:  “Sometimes, a rock is just a rock”
    • Widdershins:  “We have them in Iowa.  In my yard, sometimes.”
    • TimB:  “Consider the hint that Lausten gave, now think what he would have said, instead, were he Sigmund Freud.”
    • Citizenschallenge:  “I like the Freud hint, though I’d add another name, but that would make it too easy.”
    • < …

    [Read more]

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