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  • Final Part : Waiting for Future ,

    in Early this month , I renewed my UN Asylum Seeker Certificate , and as of today , I have been with the UN for almost 2.5 years and almost 6 Months of waiting for my RSD Interview Results (despite it should come within 8 weeks ) .

    Yesterday , a Police Officer came and asked my wife if I go out alone , and where…[Read more]

  • Part 5   The Only Option ,

    in February 2019  I have renewed the UN Asylum Seeker Certificate in for another 6 Months , then I began to contact different organizations in Europe and North American for Support ,  not financially , but , I needed Support Letters for my Case .

    in Mid February 2019 , Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain , sent me Sup…[Read more]

  • Part 4  ,  New Zealand Dream ( Fails ) ,

    in August 2018 , I have legalized in University Certificates in New Zealand Embassy , followed by applying for New Zealand Qualification Authority for approving my Certificate , which I got it Level 4 Bachelor Degree ( which would have helped me in finding job in NZ ) , later on , I found a School in New Z…[Read more]

  • Part 3   ,

    from May 2017 were I received my UN Asylum Seeker Certificate until October 2017 nothing happened , then in October 2017 , a Chinese Police Officers came to where I live and asked me for my Passport , they took photos using their smart phones for the Information Page of the Passport , the Residence Permit and then they told me to h…[Read more]

  • @Player , I hold Iraqi passport , no country gives me a visa , and soon you will know a situation regarding a visa happened to me .

  • Part 2 ,

    in May 2017 , 1 day before my Interview , I traveled with my wife to Beijing with all necessary papers , we stayed a day in the same hotel , then next day I went with my wife to the UNHCR Office ,there , around 10:30am , they called me in , I went to the Interview Room , I met with the same girl , and she welcomed me again , then she…[Read more]

  • @TimB , I just did first Part in General Discussion until Life of Iraqi Atheist in China , I am writing it in Parts as its long

  • Hello Everybody  ,

    Part 1

    I have wrote an intro about me before , now I would like to share my experience in China , since my early days in 2015 , up until now .

    since I cant go back to my country , Iraq , due to me being an Atheist , and there is blasphemy charges against me as well we Islamists extremists searching for me for the same…[Read more]

  • Hi Tim , yes I am going to write about it , specially an experience happened to me just yesterday , I will write it on soon

  • @Player  ,

    I really dont know what I should reply to you , my answers were clear but I believe what you want me to say ( or waiting me to say ) that , hey , everyone against the war , well , no one wants war in this World , doesnt matter where are you from , specially if you are living in North America and we live in Middle East , so far , that…[Read more]

  • Player , you still talking like the US did what the Iraqis wanted !! Iraq was under dictatorship , we didnt have a voice , US and its allies went to war , we didnt have a choice , and thats your mistake for leaving the country unprotected after destroying Saddams Forces , as its your responsibilites , and because of that , Terrorism from…[Read more]

  • Player , I dont get the point of what you want to achieve , prior to 2003 , we didnt have free press to to express our view if we approve War or not !!! it was the Dictator Saddam who had chosen the war as he didnt wanted to give up the Chair so dont throw the issue on the people .

    secondly , when the US forces came to Iraq , they DIDNT protect…[Read more]

  • Hello Lausten , She did infact sent me a Support Letter , but they cant do more due to the fact I am in China and that they cant help Atheists outside Canada .

  • What I think doesn’t matter because its something that already had happened but if you wanted to compare between life before and after then here are the good and bad points :

    BEFORE 2003
    Positive points :
    1.despite Saddam was dictator , but in same time he was secular (somehow ) , which in his era , we didnt have Islamists roaming the street…[Read more]

  • Player , the internet is available , you can check and you will find enough info about this .

    Saddams Regime were taking everything for him and his regime , while the Iraqi people were hungry .

    after the war , sanctions were lift from Iraq , but , Islamists took control who are loyal to Iranian Regime .

  • thanks Tim , I am doing my best

  • First , yes , every Iraqi did support the invasion because Iraq was under economic sanctions since 1990 , and we were dying of lack of food while Saddams regime living perfectly.

    But after the invasion , US and its allies left the door open for Iranian to come in and take control as they are the official behind the scene controller of Iraq , and…[Read more]

  • Hi Blaire , thanks ☺️

  • Thanks 3point , Its truly hard for me , but I am doing my best to keep going and not giving up , but time is killing me because the UNHCR doesn’t give time frame , even their fairly quickly is as of today almost 6 months and still Results didn’t come for my RSD Interview .

    I hope one day life will change for the better .

  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>Sadly its true , life is hard for atheists , but we are fighting for a life without religion , life based on science not on bullshit .</p>

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