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Pol Medhi

  • Thnks everyone. I learned a lot from all of you. I am fully satisfied now.

    Thnks a lot😁😁

  • Tim B….thnks for the explanation.

    I would love to share more of my questions and would love to get reasonable explanations. Contradict me or scold me…whenever i say something wrong. This way i’ll learn a lot.


  • Patrick D…yeah you’re right. Sometimes i become more serious regarding things which is out of my reach. What to say, just i am full of energy…hehe😁.

    I will follow what you said. I am not in that position that i could change anything. I will wait until i learned everything. I am pursuing my major in zoology starting this year. I will be…[Read more]

  • I am just 18 years old..so maybe i am wrong in some instances. But, the fact that children face such fears..really bothers me a lot. I clearly approve of your cultural catholism. Atleast, it doesn’t force them to believe.

  • Atleast giving logical reasons is much better than giving reasons which makes no sense. It just makes it easy to understand. Maybe we are behind a lot…but still we achieved a lot. The way human world is progressing is quite unbelievable. If there are some questions unanswered, it would be interesting to find answer for those. For a long time,…[Read more]


    Why not raise a child as an experiment..in an environment where nothing is mention regarding the word “God”. Not even a single thing. Make her believe that you must expect the results, depending on your deeds. Believe in science, as it would give u logical explanations regarding everything.

    Would she still believe in God after all…[Read more]

  • Hullo…

    I m starting this thread to know, if i am wrong in some way.

    I wonder..as we grew up, we always heard, there is God whom we have to worship everytime. He is superior than all of us. Don’t do this thing or otherwise he will punish you. A lot of these stuffs. But, when a baby was born, he was born without thinking capacity of his own.He…[Read more]

  • I was raised by religious parents. People all around me were highly religious. As usual…i was asked to be that too.

    Then, i was introduced to science. It becomes a part of my life. I started asking questions. For me, the fact that people can be influenced so easily by religion..was always shocking. In my culture, menstruation is considered…[Read more]

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