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  • While we are focused on cleaning up our public spaces, lets remove that obscene desecration of the landscape where Trump had his rally (Mount Rushmore) and the carving on Stone Mountain in Georgia.  Or does no one give a rip about what offends native peoples?

    Anyone have any comment about the plans to paint the street in front of Emanuel AME…[Read more]

  • hurts black people disproportionally

    Is it really disproportional?  How many law officers are injured or killed every year?  And is there a particular profile for those killing and fighting the cops?  Do the cops know a black man is more likely to resist or flee than a white guy?  If a cop knows he is more likely to have trouble with a black guy…[Read more]

  • Bob replied to the topic Coronavirus in the forum General Discussion 1 week ago

    Attention all end-of-the-world doomsayers, covid-19 is not going to kill us all.  In fact it is not particularly deadly.  We will have a vaccine in a few months.  The problem will be getting the public to accept it.  Meanwhile, we must do what we can to salvage the economy and avoid another great depression.  Young people, old people, ever…[Read more]

  • Systemic injustice

    What you, and others, are calling systemic injustice is not systemic injustice; it is no longer encoded into our society or our law as it once was.  What you call systemic and rail against is what people think and the way they act.  We can limit what people do, within defined circumstances.  I really hope we will never be ab…[Read more]

  • argumentum absurdism

    What I hope my post shows is the absurdity of preference in removing offending symbols from our society.  Eliminating such preference must be applied universally or it is simply another form of systemic discrimination.

    Actually, I think eliminating all images and names from public places and spaces would be a good thing.  I…[Read more]

  • These two statements contradict each other. Please explain.

    No contradiction.  Those doing the lynching were wrong.  Mob rule, without concern for law and order, was wrong then and its wrong today.

    Painting the racist slogan in proximity to the President’s property is an obvious attempt to harm him.  Not as deadly as a lynching, but done in th…[Read more]

  • BLM is NOT a racist slogan.

    And so WLM would not be racist either?

    Of course BLM is a racist slogan.  The fact is that the “B” in the slogan qualifies the slogan as racist by excluding anything other than “B”.  If you want to make the slogan not racist, you must delete the “B”.  Racism is not a one-way street.

  • No one is going to change the name of anything that’s been named after …

    Your hero.  But what about the heroes of others, they just don’t matter because they offend you?

    You want us to correct what offends you, but not what offends some others.  Prejudice, bias, racism.  What’s done for one must be applied for all, right?

  • One of our principles is that we want no dynasties established in this nation.  This is why we do not allow royal-type titles.  We do not condone setting one man (or woman) above another.  The recent move to remove monuments and change names of places which offend minorities is in line with our principles.

    I suggest it is very likely that ev…[Read more]

  • Justice is NOT in the eye of the beholder.  Every lynching was deemed to be justice by those doing the lynching.

    Posting a racist slogan in proximity to a specific individual’s property is NOT justice nor will it bring about justice.  It is a demonstration of hate and can only bring about an unfavorable response.

  • Bob replied to the topic Coronavirus in the forum General Discussion 1 week, 1 day ago

    A decent leader, like we had in Obama, would have already had us mostly out of this mess.

    I can hardly stop laughing at this comment.

    Hindsight bias.  I posted about it before.

    willy nilly

    Hardly describes the rather detailed guidelines.  Be honest.

    It is not opening the economy that has caused the increase in infections; it is the people – e…[Read more]

  • Once we start to ask for equality for all, which is the actual meaning of equality, then all of us will feel some of the pain.

    Asking for equality is asking for something that will not happen.  No two people are equal.  No two groups of people are equal.  The only reason we can distinguish one individual from another or one group from another is…[Read more]

  • Bob replied to the topic Coronavirus in the forum General Discussion 1 week, 3 days ago

    And our economy will recover slowly.

    Once we figured out how to protect those with risk factors, keeping the economy shut down did nothing but hurt the economy even more.

    Younger people are getting infected and, for most, are recovering quickly without severe problems.  Meanwhile the economy is recovering.

    So when should we open?  In June?  No…[Read more]

  • I will go back to drinking 10 PBR’s a day

    I would probably lose a few pounds if I could cut back like that.

  • you will be unjustly discriminated against

    Every person on the planet discriminates every day in a variety of ways.  Unjust discrimination is “unjust” only because it is defined by law as unjust.

    I don’t need a reason to not associate or converse with anyone.  Requiring me to have a reason would be unjust.

    What I heard the protester say meant t…[Read more]

  • systemic inequalities of justice

    I, for one, am not convinced that there are systemic inequalities.  I remember reading a long time ago that 95% of the crime is committed by 5% of the population.  All I have to go on is the statistics on the numbers incarcerated.  All who are in jail were convicted.  I find it unbelievable that a majority were con…[Read more]

  • If “All of those in the throngs of demonstrators in all 50 States and in Countries all around the world, who protest the systemic inequalities of justice for all.”  want to protest against someone, just look in a mirror and start shouting.  The one shouting back at you is a racist.  Yell louder, maybe he/she will get it eventually.

    Could it be th…[Read more]

  • BLM is racist by definition.  One group is singled out as preferred.  Same as NAACP.  If I replace “Black” and “Colored” with any other group will I be called racist?  I heard one protester say that all lives cannot matter until black lives matter.  In other words, black lives mattering must come first.  That is as racist as one can get.…[Read more]

  • Bolton is well known for being a war monger.  Trump didn’t let Bolton have his way.  The Russians are not coming, never were.  Bolton is just another unhappy employee who was fired for good reason.  His book is just another unremarkable effort at being a tattle tale.

  • Bob replied to the topic Coronavirus in the forum General Discussion 1 week, 4 days ago

    I think the increasing number of cases of the virus really wouldn’t depend upon when we reopen the economy unless we wait until we have a vaccine for everyone.  Too many people have demonstrated that they won’t follow the guidelines or even obey the laws for masks.  So what is the difference between opening now or later?  The longer we wait, th…[Read more]

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