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  • I’m ‘jj’, as opposed to “JJ” or other variations, who has been here for a very long time, but who hasn’t participated much due to time and effort, also due to the fact I’m tired of watching skeptics fight each other while the worst of the superstition-mongers take over the USA, and in fact most of the world.

  • As an aside, I have a different (somewhat farcical) idea of how religion started.

    We sit, around the fire in the shelter cave, eating the day’s kill.  Ogg, the big, strong brute, takes the food from a smaller person, and eats it.
    The wise man say s”Ogg, if you do that, big Juju gonna get you”.
    Ogg comes down with dysentery a few days later due…[Read more]

  • Please be advised that “JJ” and “jj” are two different people, one of whom forgot he even had an account here, until you used the lower case instead of the upper case.


    Yeah, I’m the same ‘jj’ as participated in JREF, etc.


    No idea who “JJ” is, but ‘j’ is  a very common letter to start a name with.