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Genus Homo

  • Cc, Yes you’re right that many are in the process of grappling with their ambiguous beliefs about God and religion. I should’ve prefaced the remark with the adjective “Some people who assert the nonexistence of God”, correction noted.

    You say I don’t have the courtesy to offer links that buttress my arguments. I don’t have a clue how to do that.…[Read more]

  • This subject of resonant consciousness or universal consciousness is a topic I raised on this forum some 7 months ago and listed 4 or 5 sources. I tried to thoroughly explain this idea of universal mind and in my opinion did so effectively. Mostly, the response I received consisted of asking me to prove my assertion which is tantamount to asking…[Read more]

  • CC, you always leave thoughtful and intellectually challenging posts and I suggest we’re more in agreement than not. The most questionable assertion I made in my prior entry is the notion that science isn’t produced by the human mind, and I assumed this point would be challenged in this intellectually rigorous forum.

    What is science? Among other…[Read more]

  • Religion and science are not products of our “mindscape” any more than the phases of Venus are. Science was not produced by the human mind. All reality is revealed through the minds’ power to reveal the underlying complexity of our universe through science, not from science.

    The self-contradictory phrase “scientific explanation for God” sets up a…[Read more]

  • In response to Peter Grinspoon,

    Marijuana is a powerful stress reducing agent, but depending on the condition you’re treating, results will vary from patient to patient. I once heard a researcher say publicly that any one who’s experienced trauma from a head injury should use marijuana because of its high omega 3 content and anti-inflammatory…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Donald Trump lash out in a rage as his inevitable reelection loss becomes glaringly evident He’s hoping for a race war or something as violent and bitterly divisive because that’s the only card he knows how to play. That’s not likely to happen and so the fat liar knows he’s looking at being prosecuted if he doesn’t…[Read more]

  • Yes Tim what you say is true, politicians who’ve been around for awhile have had to “update” their views on social issues. Barack Obama was opposed to gay marriage when he was first elected but changed his mind when public opinion changed. At one time in this country if a candidate didn’t support the death penalty especially in the South their…[Read more]

  • Donald Trump is happier these days since it finally occurred to him (after being told by an aid) that this national crisis could redound to his benefit. He sees giving checks to everyone, rich corporations included as a way of buying votes. If people don’t know by know that he cares only about being praised and admired, they never will. Trump…[Read more]

  • Wishing every contributor to this forum, their family and friends a healthy outcome and a shield of infallible protection through this unusual time.

    If I jump out of an air plane without a parachute and hit the ground at 120 miles an hour I wouldn’t survive, but if had worn a parachute and it deployed as expected I would take no more than a…[Read more]

  • If time was and is a co-emergent phenomenon with matter because the two are dependent on each other and matter was created when the universe itself was created, then how can time not be thought of as having an existence wholly dependent on and resulting from the creation of the universe?

    Some have difficulty with the word “created” because it…[Read more]

  • When you say light not being instantaneous can only carry information describing what “was” happening and not what “is” happening, this point ignores the overwhelming common sense inference that things are happening in the present moment and it’s simply the physics of how light (the carrier of information) being unable to send with absolute…[Read more]

  • Bob, when you say “nothing is dependent upon time for its current state” aren’t you forgetting a small detail called the universe? When we see outward galaxies still expanding from an original point source singularity we call it a four dimensional space time continuum. That original singularity may have existed completely independent of time but…[Read more]

  • Wow, I just read the entire dialogue sequence on this aptly titled subject; “Can Nature and God be the same thing?” and found it to be a textbook example of what any public debate should look like. Debate skills were once broadly valued in America but texting, televised football games made our mass culture dumb to the value political and academic…[Read more]

  • I apologize for the terse complaint above.  The freedom to register opinions on any number of controversial issues in a public forum without fear of censure from the government or any private party is a precious Fifth Amendment right and far outweighs the insignificant inconvenience of losing any posting, and in this case most likely through my…[Read more]

  • It takes time and thought to formulate a credible response to comments on a subject as intellectually challenging as “Definitions of Time” and it’s frustrating to see them disappear into ether space, but I’ll begin again.

    The above description of time as an artifact similar to a pottery shard is an unconvincing analogy in that the pottery shard…[Read more]

  • If time is an artifact of memory as you state Bob than the question arises; did or does time exist independent of human memory? We have to conclude that it did exist because we clearly see conditions in our universe like the ordered regularity of our own solar system which developed over immense stretches of time well prior to the emergence of…[Read more]

  • The idea of time does require an observer because it takes sentient cognition to observe the changing states and conditions of matter that provide the , but the idea or perception of time is something different from time itself. Matter was in motion long before the human mind perceived that movement. What exactly is meant by calling time an…[Read more]

  • Falsehood and prevarication is for some politicians a place where they occasionally visit, for Donald Trump it’s his permanent address. You can’t compare ineptitude with willful mendacity. If you want to get an accurate read of Trump’s psychological profile, read his tweets. They’re available online. They unmistakably  show he’s an insecure,…[Read more]

  • I don’t think Biden’s a progressive Green. His crime bill put a lot of non-violent 420 types like me in jail. It was a time of mass hysteria caused by the crack cocaine epidemic. He succumbed to the hype and fear mongering of people like George H. W. Bush but so did other democrats of the period. Does anyone remember Bill Clinton pausing his…[Read more]

  • Much of what a president does is delegated. The policy details are worked out by others who know exactly what the direction and intent of the president is on every issue he considers. It’s obvious that Joe Biden has lost some of his mental sharpness but again what matters more in my opinion is his sense of empathy and good will toward the average…[Read more]

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