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  • Let’s clarify that.  If you believe that God made man (and women) and endowed us all with intelligence and free-will, how would He feel if these faculties were ignored and discarded in favour of blind faith?  If St Peter holds the key to the pearly gates he is more likely to let in an atheist than a Christian, don’t you think?  After all I wo…[Read more]

  • pgardner2358: “Remember that man has free will and that entails certain ramifications necessary to prevent undue influence of that free will.”

    If St Peter is standing at the gates to heaven he is bound to question what we have done with the gifts God endowed to us.  Surely we will not be judged culpable if we have worshiped God by applying our…[Read more]

  • A good analysis thanks 3point14rat.  It is clear how impressionable some sensitive kids are.  Molly Russell’s father insists, plausibly I think, that his daughter was influenced to commit suicide by material she saw online.  (https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06z00z8/focus-instagram-helped-kill-my-daughter)

    On the other side, there is ev…[Read more]

  • Yes, deterrence by punishment is part of protecting young people.  Another approach might be to try to understand the circumstances that give rise to temptation so parents can protect young people to avoid exposing them to unsafe situations.

    You  would think that most parents are aware and would monitor their kids in Church, but my research s…[Read more]

  • 3point: …”There’s a world of difference…”  Agree that “sanction” may be too strong a word, ‘ease’ perhaps?  It is conceivable to me that a wayward cleric may unconsciously perceive children already soiled by the stain of carnal sin to be valid prey; given the evidence that priests have been known to adulterate sacred doctrine.

    TimB “They would p…[Read more]

  • @3point14rat we have to agree.  The literature is littered with evidence of guilt in Catholic children, ingrained in their psyche into adulthood.  Mr Dawkins himself pointed out the Jesuits’ maxim “Give me a boy of seven…”

    Combine inculcating Augustinian guilt and shame in children, with clerics being indoctrinated with the Augustinian belief t…[Read more]

  • I hope you’ll forgive a newcomer regurgitating an old, but still ‘trendy’, topic.  In his new book, In the Closet of the Vatican, Frederic Martel blames the cover up of paedophilia on the Vatican’s ‘culture of secrecy’ (p x111).  No doubt that is one aspect of Christianity’s paedophilia crisis, but I venture that Christian doctrine itself might a…[Read more]

  • Michael replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourself 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the name.  Just watched Matt Dillahunty and Braxton Hunter debate ‘Does God exist’  Great stuff.  Texas Baptists, surprisingly sensible questions from the floor at end.

  • Michael replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourself 5 months ago

    Agreed, sheer joy.  Hitchens often appears to be bored or even distracted by something off camera.  He turns to face the discussion and contributes straight off the cuff with a pithy comment or put-down.   How sad that he is lost to us.

  • Michael replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourself 5 months ago

    Response need not mean argument.  Perhaps the trick is to point, not to the essence of religious belief itself, but to its effect on the world view of believers.  Belief in falsehood has consequences.

  • Michael replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourself 5 months ago

    I have been reading reviews on The Four Horsemen’, I watched the celebrated video but have not yet read the book.  From what I read it is essentially a transcription of the original film.  That is a pity.  We must keep discussion alive but the debate should be moving on.

    The intellectual arguments are interesting, what about the corrosive effe…[Read more]

  • Michael replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourself 5 months ago

    Hello contributors, I’m Michael.  I was introduced to CFI through Richard Dawkins Foundation, I live and work in England.

    The forum archive link is broken so it is not clear what is under discussion currently.  I am writing on the subject of Augustinian Christian belief and the influence that the doctrine of Original sin might have on clerical c…[Read more]

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