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  • Just had to come back to see if you replied. When I have the time I’ll follow that link. By all the tests my intelligence is in the upper percentiles, but I am not an organized individual, never acquired good study habits, and to a certain extent was obsessive/compulsive – I’d try to get something “perfect” while everything else was going to…[Read more]

  • Tim:

    I quickly scanned about two months of your posts. Many forums provide a filter to enable that, but I’ve seldom if ever used them, because in some way it made me feel sneaky or devious. I mostly wanted to find out if you were overly focused on politics, and maybe then be able to determine which flavor of partisan you might be. What I d…[Read more]

  • Hugo I’m wondering the same thing. I tend to agree with citizen’s first response above.

    On a similar note. I don’t know if you’re a US citizen, but if you aren’t then maybe you haven’t been treated to Dr. Ho and his “amazing” back brace. Only costs around $140 (us,) and is quite possibly covered by Medicare! There’s a whole plethora of TV ads…[Read more]

  • Tim, first I would direct you to paragraphs 2h and 2g of the forum rules. Your latest comments to me do not seem to adhere to those rules: how do your comments “continue and develop” the topic that Hugo began on this thread?

    I don’t know if you are attempting to intimidate me or silence me, or possibly drive me away from this site. I don’t know…[Read more]

  • As I understand it, as Darwin was finalizing his thoughts and writings concerning natural selection he realized that vast amounts of time, and a great many of successive generations would be necessary to explain that truth he believed he’d teased from nature. The problem was, at that time theological dogma with respect to the age of the earth…[Read more]

  • Thank you sir, and I did not take the message you sent as singling me out. I will try to be more circumspect, or to choose my words more… diplomatically, in the future when it comes to politics. Like I said, this space is not quite what I expected from the organization that is responsible for Skeptical Inquirer, the source of my interest. Yes,…[Read more]

  • lausten: For at least six election cycles up until the ’06 mid-terms I worked as a volunteer (we got a small stipend) for my county’s board of elections – setting up and tearing down the polling places and machines, checking the machines before the election, and troubleshooting those Diebold pos’s on election day. I did it because I sincerely…[Read more]

  • Hello greenfist. At this time I will interpret his caution to mean, now boys play nice, or I’ll shut you down. He is correct though that there are valid arguments on different sides of all those issues. Because I’m new here I won’t say any more on this topic, in this thread, except this: I’ve followed Joe Biden’s career and to me he embodies all…[Read more]

  • lausten:

    This is not a complaint. I assumed that the rules of these forums were similar to the rules of other serious open forums and therefor did not read them before I began posting here recently. I began a reply (below) to your warning before deciding to in fact read those rules and, glad that I did, because I would have violated those rules…[Read more]

  • So Tim, I’m an asshole and a Trump lover. While I won’t categorically deny the first accusation, those that know me would be laughing on the floor right now hearing your second accusation. (That reminds me of a story I heard, an urban parable, in Cleveland, Ohio. While I was representing our company on Thanksgiving eve as our ironworkers inserted…[Read more]

  • Thanks Hugh. By finally availing myself of the digital presence of SI/CFI I hoped to find another community that discusses issues and events thoughtfully. Like most (I’m guessing) that participate in online forums I’ve learned by making many mistakes: the false insulation of anonymity; making unsubstantiated claims; superficial reading of other’s…[Read more]

  • That was truly funny – thanks for that.

  • Cockburn has long been a sharp critic of neoliberalism. I followed your link Hugo and read the whole piece. It hardly seems adequate just to say that we could not possibly have a worse POTUS during this emergency. But Tim, as I too long to see the back of Trump, as I look at the Democrats I’m not encouraged. My conclusion is that Biden is…[Read more]

  • Vince replied to the topic I am an AMH humanist in the forum Humanism 6 days, 9 hours ago

    As a rejoinder to first Hal, and then to Bob I tracked down some things I wrote some years ago and pasted them below. Rather than compose new comments, I’ll use the ones I’ve picked here because I spent some time thinking about and composing them. Thank you in advance for your patience.

    First, from a document listed as SHARPS on my hard drive, it…[Read more]

  • Thank you both for your welcoming words. I’ve been going through some of the existing threads to try to get familiar with some of the regulars here. Not sure what I expected from a site associated with SI and CFI, and as with any site, I try to keep an open mind. The photo associated with my account is my younger son when he was about 5yrs old. I…[Read more]

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  • Vince replied to the topic Q anon in the forum Politics and Social Issues 1 week ago

    OK, since no-one here yet has visited the “Introduce Yourself” page to even say “hello, and welcome,” I guess I’ll post a comment here.

    Yes “Antifa” is short for Anti fascist, and from the little I know of them are grass roots activists who are militant in their opposition to the far-right movements now afoot in western societies. (such as Q…[Read more]

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  • Hello all:

    I’ve been a subscriber and reader of Skeptical Inquirer for almost its entire existence. I consider myself a rational (scientific) skeptic, a true agnostic and identify as a secular humanist. Nearing 67, I’m a retired Professional Land Surveyor, husband of 39 years, father of two sons, and we have a grandson. oh, yeah… US citizen of…[Read more]