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  • Lausten:

    As I stated, I came here out of curiosity because of my long subscription/reading of Skeptical Inquirer. My curiosity has been satisfied. If I had any pre-conceived notion or hope, it was that this site might be similar to others I’m familiar with – that the articles in the print edition would be followed by comment and discussion by…[Read more]

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  • replied to the topic Q anon in the forum Politics and Social Issues 7 months ago

    OK, since no-one here yet has visited the “Introduce Yourself” page to even say “hello, and welcome,” I guess I’ll post a comment here.

    Yes “Antifa” is short for Anti fascist, and from the little I know of them are grass roots activists who are militant in their opposition to the far-right movements now afoot in western societies. (such as Q…[Read more]

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  • Hello all:

    I’ve been a subscriber and reader of Skeptical Inquirer for almost its entire existence. I consider myself a rational (scientific) skeptic, a true agnostic and identify as a secular humanist. Nearing 67, I’m a retired Professional Land Surveyor, husband of 39 years, father of two sons, and we have a grandson. oh, yeah… US citizen of…[Read more]