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  • Widdershins replied to the topic atheist/agnostic in the forum Philosophy 1 day, 19 hours ago

    Widder, were you actually in the position of having no opinion on whether a god exists during your transition away from theism?

    That’s the thing.  I honestly don’t know.  The transition was not a conscious thought process most of the time.

    And you’re separating the “I don’t know” from the belief.  I’m saying it could be “I don’t know what I be…[Read more]

  • But even W (who did screw our country over with the Great Recession and the Iraq war…

    The pointless Iraq War, yes.  But the Great Recession started right after the twin towers fell.  And given that it’s Congress who has the power of the purse, the president really doesn’t have all that much power to affect the economy.  So I would give him a pa…[Read more]

  • Just to conclude the earlier discussion, my mother lived for 6 days after her quarantine ended.  She wasn’t killed by the virus directly, but she never recovered from the complications and continued to decline.  I don’t know if that counts as a “coronavirus death” or not.  I would be inclined to count it as fighting the virus caused a marked an…[Read more]

  • I don’t want to derail the thread into ww2 discussion but the reasons we got involved in the war were economical. We weren’t trying to save the world from fascism or any other boomer hollywood nonsense. Nice had nothing to do with it.

    There were a lot of reasons we got into WWII, including the facts that Japan brought us into the war and Eng…[Read more]

  • Widdershins replied to the topic atheist/agnostic in the forum Philosophy 2 days, 12 hours ago


    Glad to hear the misunderstanding isn’t as bad as I had feared it might be!  And thank you for bolstering my self-worth.  I very much feel the same about most people here, yourself definitely included.

    I would not change the definitions, really.  My point is essentially that, while the words are well defined, the mind is not so we…[Read more]

  • Allow me to pronounce that “anarchy” is stupid.

    Not to mention detrimental to groups survival and wellbeing.

  • Reading between the lines, I sense a tortured soul praying to God for a better world.

    Really?  In your “better world” the consensus would be, “Screw you, old people!  You MIGHT cost me money so you can just die a horrible death in the streets and you are NOT getting medical care to ease your passing!”

  • Medical intervention to prevent death past 60 is not cheap and wasteful of resources even if you can afford to pick up the tab.

    Incorrect. SOME medical intervention to prevent death past 60 is expensive. Blood pressure medication is like $4 after insurance.  You are confusing “the majority of health care costs come at the end of life” with “ALL…[Read more]

  • Widdershins replied to the topic atheist/agnostic in the forum Philosophy 2 days, 16 hours ago


    I wasn’t trying to argue semantics there.  I was more trying to point out a possible point of confusion.  And I think it’s unfair to say that asking for clarification of an all-inclusive word is the same as having to define every word every time.  There are times when we may use an all-inclusive word or term which we don’t really me…[Read more]

  • The true irony is that Jesus was very liberal and the most conservative people are often Bible thumpers.  The same is true of Reagan.  He was pretty centrist, but say his name in the middle of hard-right conservatives and they start speaking in tongues.

    I really don’t understand what it is about Reagan that makes conservatives so hard.  Was it th…[Read more]

  • I’m not saying it’s aliens…but it’s aliens.

  • You think so? How would you like to replace all traditions with scientifically rational guidelines to bring about an ideal society of perfectly formed humans?

    How did “tradition” become “eugenics” in your head?  In what possible way is “celebrate Christmas” ANYTHING like “Kill the imperfect babies”?

  • However, research on modern hunter gatherers and on prehistoric and classical era remains show the average human lifespan without modern medicine is around 60-70.

    Change the “is” to “would be” and I don’t have a problem with it.  I’m not saying I believe it’s true, but I don’t have a problem with the statement.

    But it’s irrelevant anyway because…[Read more]

  • I didn’t know what you were talking about with the “Corn Pop” story.  It seems to me something that has been an easy thing to make fun of?  So I looked it up.  I watched the 15 minute video of Biden’s speech from which the “Corn Pop” story was edited from.   I suppose the edit was successfully used to portray Biden negatively somehow.  This n…

    [Read more]

  • Lol!  A conservative seeking a heart!  How unusual!  My “Game” is to not be bated by your idiotic misrepresentations of moronic generalizations so pathetically inaccurate that even you do not believe that all liberals think all cops or criminals.  And if you do actually believe that then I’m afraid I can’t teach you anything you failed to lea…[Read more]

  • Hey, I don’t blame you.  Jesus!  Now that I think of it, I used to OWN a black dog!  Is it a black lab, by any chance?

  • I say this kind of stuff ’till I’m blue in the face and no one seems to understand a word of it. They hate the word ‘socialism’ as though it’s dictionary definition is :”The reason leaders mass murder their people while starving them and stealing everything they own.”

    That everything great about our society is based on ‘socialism’ i…

    [Read more]

  • Widdershins replied to the topic atheist/agnostic in the forum Philosophy 3 days, 14 hours ago

    I don’t understand how you can mean a different everyone than me. The terms apply to whoever they apply to. If a person understands the concepts necessary, they are a theist or they aren’t and they are a gnostic or they aren’t. The details of belief or disbelief are irrelevant to the binary position of belief or disbelief.

    All-inclusive words…[Read more]

  • And again, I would point out that “components of marijuana” are not “marijuana”.  I doubt smoking your blood pressure medication would have the same affect as taking the pill.  I’m not anti-pot or anything (although I’m starting to go that way with all the “pot is medicine” crap I’m seeing lately), but “marijuana” contains a whole lot more than “…[Read more]

  • Interesting. Guess I no longer need to be offended by Jesus telling another disciple that he will make Mary a man either in that text or another, because it’s a sexist jerk who wrote it, IMO. I’m a women’s libber and I found parts of it insulting, if it’s the text I think it is. Oh wait, that’s not The Gospel of Mary? I never heard of the Gospe…

    [Read more]

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