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  • sree said; Well, let’s stop being childish and have a conversation guided by logic and reason. Atheism has a broad and varied definition ranging from the denial of the existence of deities to the criticism of religion. How do you want to start?

    Start? I’m finished with you. I won’t waste any more time on indulging your crank woo.   click.

  • steveklinko said; Thank You for the link. I have seen this before, but sorry it doesn’t help. Consciousness as a Hallucination concept goes way back to the 60s with Max Clowes.

    An AI computer programmer?  What is it that you have seen before and what does it not help?

    If you have not fully grasped the implications of what Anil Seth is de…[Read more]

  • sree said; This has nothing to do with atheism which is the childish stuff of effigy burning and stomping on the Bible.

    This is a perfect example of theistic duplicity!

    How dare you! You are the childish ,  arrogant ignoramus  stomping on logic and reason. It is theists who stomp on each other’s bibles and rituals. Religious wars have killed m…[Read more]

  • Do you see why I am so intrigued with “microtubules” in relation to “consciousness”?  The current answer is that “consciousness” is an emergent property of our neural network, and that is fine as a generality, but no one has really tried to identify how and why this is so.

    What are neurons and how do they process and transport “electro-chemical”…[Read more]

  • snowcity said; Solipsism it is a Philosophical current were Consciousness it is exclusive to the individual, therefore beyond the self, everything can be held in doubt.

    No, even yourself can be held in doubt. Your brain is only capable of making “best guesses” (controlled hallucinations) about the sensory information it receives from both…[Read more]

  • I don’t think God would object to your way of perceiving Nature. After all, you are Nature herself. Self-awareness is the beginning of the story of life as we know it.

    In that case, does it make a difference if god exists or not? In a mathematical universe a god is unnecessary. “Relative Values and Mathematical Functions” are quite sufficient f…[Read more]

  • A miracle is a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

    And where does that imply the intervention by a god?

  • ibelieveinlogic said; Would suffering through chemo and radiation reinforce your confidence in science

    If it cures you, you bet it does.

    Let’s be very clear, prayer does not cure cancer. Cancer is not a psychosomatic disease.

  • One thing that definitely determines physicality is pattern density.

    IOW, H2O in a dense pattern such as ice cannot be used for a double slit experiment. It is a physical a solid.

  • You are what you perceive !  Please do watch Anil Seth .  He explains exactly in very simple terms what it is that creates “YOU”.

  • ibil said; You are diagnosed with cancer; two months later after no treatment you are cancer free.  Best science say this was not expected.

    Citation of spontaneous cancer remission, please.  Remission after medical cancer treatment is “expected”. That why you go to the hospital instead of going to a prayer session by a priest. What you are s…[Read more]

  • snowcity said; I’m mostly getting at what the articles seem to suggest, the limitations of “materialist” science.

    What on earth are you talking about?  In which way is spiritualism less limiting than science?

    You mean you can use your imagination at will and have the freedom to accept Pink Unicorns? Au contraire, it is the spiritualist perspe…[Read more]

  • sree said; The one true light in the darkness is our God-given immune system. Just don’t wreck it with the cures and wonders of modern medical science.

    Yes, we used to live so much longer a few hundred years ago, before we knew about vitamin deficiency and compromised immune systems due to illness, stress, poor diet. If only we had carried on w…[Read more]

  • In other words, that there are intermediate states, probably discrete steps, but we are not equipped to observe them.

    I can accept that. It certainly does not negate the concept of emergent time along with “duration” of a function…. 🙂


    Of course Nature and God must be the same thing.  Both ask the question of how it all works. Neither one is more weighty or profound than the other.

    Therefore,  allowing for explanation and proposing workable models based on scientific principles and on spiritual principles,  it’s is the pr…[Read more]

  • IMO, what CC means with “mindscape” he means “our best guess” based on “memory” of stored sensory experiential information. It is the “mind” that is translating exterior and interior electro/chemical experiences by producing a visual mindscape of what you brain is able to produce.

    As posted elsewhere Anil Seth; “The Neuroscience of Consciousness”…[Read more]

  • TRUSTED TELLER said:How fast do you have to run to time travel?

    A brisk walk will allow you to physically slow time down. We all know that  @ “c” , time comes to a halt . i.e. there is no mathematical physical permission to travel faster than “c” . It is mathematically forbidden.

    So moving from standing “still” to @”c”, slows available time down…[Read more]

  • loisl said; 9 things that make the earth the perfect place for life.

    Absolutely and Robert Hazen explains how and why it was necessary that life should have evolved on earth. If that sounds strange, I invite all to watch this excellent presentation by an eminent scientist from the Carnegie Institute for Science. He explains the mechanism of…[Read more]

  • Write4U replied to the topic Intuitionist Model in the forum Humanism 3 days, 2 hours ago

    Mike yohe said; The facts are that they are not understood at all. The posting right now is covering early man and DNA and the connection to apes. Yet, if you look at the DNA there are two branches of ancient humans that make up the DNA of Homo Sapiens that are still waiting to be discovered. This in itself, has the possibility of blowing your…

    [Read more]

  • @elphidium

    This is proof positive of the common ancestry of man and other great apes.

    Human Chromosome 2 is a fusion of two ancestral chromosomes


    All great apes apart from man have 24 pairs of chromosomes. There is therefore a hypothesis that the common ancestor of all great apes had 24 pairs of chromosomes and that the fusion of…

    [Read more]

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