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Spam messages (merged several times)

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    Ok, no problem Doug. Didn’t mean to aim anything at you.
    This is normal. People set up forums and then lose interest in them. No big deal.


    The Spam Nazi has apparently been defeated, though he’s been caught lurking on occasion. Try editing something without an extra sentence at the bottom and see if it goes through. As for links, sometimes they go through and sometimes they don’t. If one doesn’t, take out the http\\ and www. It may not work as a clickable link, but anyone who wishes to access it can copy and paste it into a browser.


    If one doesn’t, take out the http\\ and www. It may not work as a clickable link, but anyone who wishes to access it can copy and paste it into a browser.

    Tried this many times, no workie. But sometimes it posts links no problem.
    Although I would generally give this software high marks (retired forum software developer), the spam filter is just a section of junk code which should either be improved or removed.
    There’s probably a single line of code which calls the spam filter routine during post processing. If true, then all that’s needed is to find and comment out that line.
    I suspect the real problem here is that the site owners are no longer interested in their forum, which is not at all unusual. If the forum died entirely they’d probably just shrug and walk away, as is their right.
    As I see it, this really isn’t a code problem at heart, but a publishing model problem. The content standards aren’t high enough to generate conversations that the site owners would be interested in. Almost all forums of this type suffer from the same challenge, as best I can tell. Everybody is really Really REALLY stuck on a single “anybody can say anything” publishing model which they assume simply must be applied to every forum on the Internet.
    And so all forums are pretty much the same.
    And so the content quality is very uneven.
    And so site owners tend to lose interest.
    And so technical problems don’t get fixed.
    The question we should be asking is, how can this (or any) forum be changed so that the site owners would be excited about participating?


    I have the same problem, but my post does not contain any hyperlinks. I can PM you my post if you wish so you can check


    Problem solved – when I removed an apostrophe it was posting without any problems. It seems the computer thinks it is spam if I put an apostrophe.


    One solution to problem is to write and edit your post first in a wordprocesser, like Wordpad. Then when satisfied just copy and paste to the forum.
    It prevents CFI computer from having to read the same but edited post multiple times. I have had good success with this.


    The glitches on the CFI program make it too annoying to post. I wish someone would move it to Google Groups, which doesn’t have these issues. Someone with tech savvy should be able to do it. It’s a good forum but far too unweildy to be used regularly.
    Google groups also allows the posts to be sent and responded to through email. Another feature that’s lacking with the CFI program.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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