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Australian medical group makes strong statement on homeopathy

Forums Forums Alternative Medicine Australian medical group makes strong statement on homeopathy

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    I really don’t know if I agree that placebos are always a fiction we believe based on faith. My way of looking at them is they can be a method of utilizing our minds ability to control our mood and state of being, so that we ‘feel’ better, and therefore feel better.

    Although they can be abused by scammers and those they scam, they can also be used by real doctors to make people feel better without the use of drugs. They are likely to be of no use in most cases, but in situations where people can benefit, I think they’re the best option.


    Patrick D


    I think you’re right.

    I’ve seen it work: (or have I?)   I was an army medic. Out bush on exercise.  One of the guys had a blinding migraine.I had aspirin and morphia as analgesics. Would not be allowed to use morphia for a migraine. (any used had to be accounted for)

    So, I told him I had this very powerful painkiller. So powerful that I could only give him half a tab. That it would relieve his pain and put him to sleep. Within his hearing, I told his corporal that he would sleep until morning (it was about 7pm) and not to put him on guard.

    He was asleep within 10 minutes, and slept until morning.

    BUT, I guess this is  anecdotal evidence. I believed he was genuine, but could not prove it. He could have been lying. In my experience grunts  are prodigious and creative liars. Make of it what you will.



    The placebo effect is well documented. And as I said before, when developing new medicines drug companies routinely test the effect of their prospective new medicine against placebo.  Placebo beats nothing, and if your new drug beats placebo, you may have something.


    Patrick D

    Yes, using a placebo is used in many blind tests.


    Glenda DeLuca

    I have studied and used homeopathy for 20 years.  I have treated not only myself, but my kids and pets who show positive results.  Of course it doesn’t work every time, but if these people that go out against homeopathy get their way, I would lose the preferred treatment for most of my ailments. If I use a pharmaceutical, I will suffer side effects. Homeopathics have never, and in fact, can’t produce side effects. I have determined that I will never accept a pharmaceutical drug, even if nothing else works.  You can call homeopathy placebo, or false science, but nobody can tell me that I have not gained many benefits from it.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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