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Turkey will stop teaching evolution in schools

Forums Forums Science and Technology Turkey will stop teaching evolution in schools

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    Christopher Musante — There are too many ‘holes’ in the theory of evolution – based on the idea that over time we… well – ‘evolved’.  We have yet to find any transitional species and the fossil record itself just EXPLODES onto the scene with regards to earths ‘timeline’.  It’s seems more plausible that – or at least as per the fossil record – everything shows up at once.

    I don’t know where you get this strange idea from.  If everything just “exploded” at one time, then how did paleontologists ever come up with a timeline for evolution covering hundreds of millions of years, even dividing it into periods, the Jurassic, Triassic, Cretaceous, etc.?  It sounds to me as if you’ve been reading the blog of some creationist who didn’t know what he was talking about.  There is just SO MUCH evidence for the interrelatedness of all life on Earth.  Even if you dismissed the theory of natural selection out of hand, if you were honest you’d still have an enormous job explaining why there is such an overwhelming appearance of evolution unless evolution actually did happen.  🙂



    It has taken me a few years to hone my skills for responding to this sort of screed. Unfortunately, I’ve burned a few bridges doing it so going back to a reasonable conversation is not possible with many of the people who have spewed this garbage. Maybe I should stop saying they spew garbage, but, nah. But really, the response to anything, anti-Darwin, 9/11 conspiracies, Libertarianism, denial of whatever, is the same:

    These things have been around for decades. That’s long enough for someone to be born and finish college. They could have been surrounded by people who supported them in believing or not believing any of these theories. They could have dedicated their life to learning the truth, to taking all the classes, reading all the books, knowing the terms and knowing how to argue for what they believe. If science is what it says it is, then doing that should have put them in a position to make their case and present their data and convince others. It happens all the time. So, where are those people? If science isn’t what it says it is, they are oppressed and marginalized and sometimes even killed. But to demonstrate that is happening, you’d need reason and evidence. Solving a worldwide conspiracy like that would require using the tools that science says it uses. So science is back to being true again. You really can’t get away from that.

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