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Aged Black Carbon

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    Aged Black Carbon

    Cc, just catching up on the latest data of climate change. Broke my arm a couple weeks back and been trying to use voice commands on the computer. That has not been fun. It’s been about a month since catching up on the latest news on Global Warming. What a difference a month makes.

    There is a big split in science or claimed science groups. The political groups are pushing the world ending in 12 years hard now and trying to get as much mileage and new headlines as they can. Political groups are also using the children to push their agenda.

    The more scientific groups are changing the pitch from warming to air pollution for our grandchildren is why we need climate regulations today.

    The News has always followed the democratic agenda of climate change. Now the Associated Press has claimed that fact checking the 12 years dooms day is wrong. The democratic groups have jumped all over the AP as bad fact checking.

    Nothing has happened to change my view point. Which is. We had cooling in the early seventies and were told we were heading into global cooling. Then in the mid-seventies we had warming. We had been researching acid rain and holes in the ozone. Along with a big push in air pollution at the time. CO2 was a big part of air pollution and now that it was obvious that the earth was not going into the ice age with global cooling, it was the air pollution of the CO2 causing the warming of the earth.

    Then the global warming kind of took off around 1977. It was just not the weather. We were dealing with world population causing world catastrophes of mass starvation. People were stockpiling food. If that wasn’t bad enough, we were being told by professors that nuclear war was equal to being in an ice age by the year 2000. The professors really started getting time on radio and tv on issues like massive sun storms, dust bowl condition from droughts. And a group of scientists were going against the ice age and prediction global warming causing global flooding and sea levels to rise. Whole nations would disappear under water.

    In a way people were getting tired of the news being all about the evils of communism and socialism and this new environmentalism was at least something different. We looked at the catastrophes of what was coming by the year 2000. From the digital world braking down, to Al Gores prediction that we would past the point of no return if we hadn’t fixed climate change. And we really hadn’t done anything to fix global warming at this point. On the flip side it was a break from God showing up because all the end of the world prediction had come true.

    The predictions were way off. Wrong on the temperatures and world ending. Eighty percent of all living species were to be extinct by 2000. Oil and gas were to be all used up along with depletion of most metals causing the economies to collapse.

    As we got into the new millennium the attitude started changing from the earth is ending to it is the right thing to do for political, economical and environmental reasons.

    The science now had decades of actual weather to work with. Todays news are claiming that we are experiencing record breaking heat, year after year now. It’s all misleading. Weather trends in cycles and all we need to do now is look at what has been happening in a longer part of the cycle. The cooling of the seventies started warming and by 1997 the warming from cold period of the seventies had stopped. Since 2016 we have been cooling as the levels of CO2 have been rising steadily along. If by the end of this year, if there is no warming. Then it is obvious that CO2 has nothing to do with global warming as a driving factor. As a blanket yes, as a warming driver, no.


    Paris climate conference is making regulations that can’t be achieved.

    This came out last week.

    Last year, the EU adopted an updated version of its renewable energy directive, committing the bloc to source at least 32% of its energy from renewables by 2030. The target is considered a central element of the EU’s goal to cut carbon emissions by 40% by the same date.

    Paris Agreement goal of cutting carbon emissions by 40% come 2030. The European Commission estimates that biomass currently represents almost 60% of renewable energy consumption in the EU. Bioenergy consumption in Europe increased by more than 69% in 2005-2016, and this is expected to continue growing in the next decades.

    Biomass as carbon neutral runs counter to scientific findings showing that burning wood for energy typically emits 1.5 times more CO2 than coal and 3 times more than natural gas.

    Climate change by exacerbating forest cutting in the US to meet the growing demand for wood pellet fuel in the EU does not make a lot of sense.

    As you know, climate change is just now getting around to clouds.  This is where gets interesting.  Three billion of the poorest people on earth cook and heat with solid fuels.  This puts black carbon into the atmosphere.  Black carbon is right behind CO2 in direct radiative forcing. The EU as part of the Paris Agreement has changed from coal to wood pellets for heating.

    New findings are that black carbon must be rated as fresh emissions and aged emissions. The aged black carbon has an absorption that is enhanced by a factor of 2.4 over fresh emissions.  So much for the Paris agreement working.  It is looking like the coal would have been better to use for the earth.

    The point being, as black carbon is in the air. Other molecules attach to the black carbon and enhance its heat capturing abilities by an average of 2.4 times. Thus, the name – Aged Carbon.

    This of course must mean that all the data from the models are wrong and will have to be reworked.

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