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Antibiotics – Combining Pharma with Natural Substances?

Forums Forums Alternative Medicine Antibiotics – Combining Pharma with Natural Substances?

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    I don’t know about antibiotics specifically, but I do know that some natural anti-viral compounds are showing promise against viruses that develop resistance to pharmaceutical anti-virals.

    For example, take acyclovir, which is used against strains of the herpes virus. Since it targets a specific step in the replication process, it can lead to selection of viruses that are resistant to the medication.

    But some compounds found in essential oils are showing promise (mostly in cell cultures though, can’t find any data in humans) to destroy resistant viruses. These compounds don’t discriminate. They have a broad virucidal effect.


    A little known fact is that about 70 % of all manufactured pharmaceuticals are based on age old natural herbal or mineral medicines.

    Natural products derived from plants as a source of drugs

    Nature, the master of craftsman of molecules created almost an inexhaustible array of molecular entities. It stands as an infinite resource for drug development, novel chemotypes and pharmacophores, and scaffolds for amplification into efficacious drugs for a multitude of disease indications and other valuable bioactive agents. Since time immemorial, natural products have been the backbone of traditional system of healing throughout the globe, and have also been an integral part of history and culture.

    Although the use of bioactive natural products as herbal drug preparations dates back hundreds, even thousands, of years ago, their application as isolated and characterized compounds to modern drug discovery and development started only in the 19th century. It has been well documented that natural products played critical roles in modern drug development, especially for antibacterial and antitumor agents.

    Even though popularity of the synthetic products increased due to its production cost, time effectiveness, easy quality control, stringent regulation and quick effects, but their safety and efficacy was always remained questionable, resulting in the dependence on the natural products by more than 80% of the total population in the developing world, because of its time tested safety and efficacy.


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    This humble bulb was recognized and used for its medicinal properties since 1500 BC, and may well be one of the healthiest (preventive) medicines in history. It has a tremendous history and was listed as “medicine” until recently, when it was replaced by artificially produced medicines.

    Clarifying the Real Bioactive Constituents of Garlic 


    Garlic has many antimicrobial properties.


    The Egyptian medical text, the Codex Ebers (1500 BC), prescribed garlic for abnormal growths, parasites, circulatory ailments, insect infestation and general malaise (a vague feeling of being out of sorts or unwell physically or mentally). In all, 22 different treatments included garlic.
    Garlic was paid to pyramid workers and was believed to improve worker’s strength and stamina.
    Garlic was considered important by the Egyptians. Cloves of garlic were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb, which dates from 1500 BC (Kahn 1996).
    Copts (Egyptian Christians) prescribed garlic macerated in oil for skin diseases and to new mothers after childbirth to stimulate milk production.


    It is reported that the first recorded labor strike was held by the Egyptian pyramid workers and was over garlic rations. Garlic was rationed daily to the workers for its beneficial properties, but due to a poor garlic crop one year the worker’s rations were cut. This prompted a protest and labor strike by the workers, which was duly recorded by the pharaoh’s scribe. The first recorded labor strike in history.


    Cool!  Pyramid Workers Unite!  Garlic was like their healthcare plan. Power to the People!


    Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies. Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine. Many plant-derived compounds, for example, quinine and artemisinin, have been already successfully used in healing life-threatening infectious disease. Many health care professionals draw a distinct border between allopathic medicine and complementary and alternative medicine.


    Traditional Antibiotics are one of the most common drugs that are prescribed in the US. And while it eradicates and treats all types of bacterial infection, many health professionals agree that its side effects outweigh its benefits. Antibiotics can cause constipation and other unwanted side effects.

    Combine it with natural substances, it will surely lessen its side effects.




    Alternative medicine, how I understand, is what IS NOT usually prescribed openly by our doctors.

    It can include medical cannabis/marijuana, which fits into Schedule 1 Drugs by FDA.

    Whether it can work with antibiotics, then that is a question. You must be in touch with your doctor. For instance, if someone takes Warfarin, then a THC medication/ cannabinoids will lead to bleeding.

    Cannabis DOES NOT have a significant reaction with antibiotics, so there is no major evidence that medical cannabis/medical marijuana has contraindicated.

    But if recreational marijuana is being used, then you need to be careful.


    Because recreational marijuana has more of a psychoactive component that can influence your health in the wrong way, it can lead to hallucinations or elements of schizophrenia, so better be careful in. Side effects can include diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.


    Only be cautious of dosage and be in contact with a licensed medical marijuana doctor.


    Some of the naturopathic treatments do not interfere with pharmaceutical medicines and are safe to use simultaneously. But some of the naturopathic antibiotics do tend to interfere with pharmaceutical antibiotics. For example, one of the previous naturopathic experts I consulted for skin infection gave me a Garlic based salve as a topical ointment. He also made it clear that it will not interfere and enhance the pharmaceutical antibiotics I was taking orally back then. As far as Sarsaparilla is concerned, it tends to cause increased urination, and if you take pharmaceutical drugs with diuretic properties, severe dehydration may increase. In that case, it is not recommended. So, it is best to make sure every medicine you take is safe to combine with other treatments. If you are not confident, then let your doctor know about the medications you are already taking is a good idea. Good Luck!


    Remember that all that is natural is not necessarily safe, especially when combined with other pharmaceutical-grade medications or nonprescription dietary supplements. Before mixing any substances, read carefully instructions (I personally use Canada drugs direct for this purpose).


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    Germicidal actinic ray is acknowledged as a good suggests that of deactivating bacterium and bound viruses. It is, however, probably harmful to humans. The spectral vary of 200-280 nanometers, conjointly referred to as UV-C, was till recently believed to be unworkable as a steriliser once folks actively occupied a space. because of studies completed by Dr. David Brenner and his team at Columbia University, additional analysis is proving that the ranges of 207nm to 230 nm, or “Far-UV” isn’t harmful to humans. kryptolights

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