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Are thoughts "real"?

Forums Forums General Discussion Are thoughts "real"?

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    Tee Bryan Peneguy

    Boy, this is a hard forum to follow (at least on Android). I just lost another reply, and I can’t tell whether the one I am replying to is responding to mine, or not.

    If it is, I was just asking why the OP wrote:

    I don’t know what this lady is thinking, believing there is something mystical to the thoughts that we have when it’s likely that some are occurring below our awareness and others are not.

    To me, just from Nancy’s article, it’s saying thoughts AREN’T mystical, because they only exist inside our brains.




    Thoughts ARE NOT mystical.  They are behaviors that occur inside of our skin (mostly in the brain).


    Tee Bryan Peneguy

    Thoughts ARE NOT mystical.  They are behaviors that occur inside of our skin (mostly in the brain).


    I can’t tell if this is to me or not.


    I agree thoughts aren’t mystical and that they are only inside our brains.

    And I thought that was what the article in the OP said, as well.

    My confusion was about what the OP wrote, when commenting on her article. It sounds like he thought she said they were mystical, and disagreed with her, but I did not agree with his interpretation of what she said.

    Boy, this forum is hard to follow…



    My bad.  When you know my posts better, you may see that I rarely miss a chance to say something that relates to my particular interest in the field of verbal behavior (as in thoughts are mostly internal verbal behaviors).  It must be disconcerting for someone who doesn’t have a clue as to where my comment is coming from.

    My comments about verbal behavior are generally always directed to anyone who will listen.  And regardless of what anyone said, Tee, the correct statement is the one that you repeated: “thoughts aren’t mystical and… they are only inside our brains.”


    Reminds me of the happy hippy days.

    Dude it’s all in your head.

    Yeah man.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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