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Bob on what is an ad-hominem

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    Bob said: What is out of context when the words “perfect target” were used?

    You quoted, “Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States”

    The context was from Genus

    The perfect dupe is one that steadfastly asserts he was never duped. How many people believed that Saddam Hussein was  responsible for 911, or that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring from a pizza restaurant in Washington, or that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, or that he was a Muslim? Millions still believe these falsehoods who swear they can never be duped.

    I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not. You have expressed opinions that to me are right-wing talking points without evidence. I could be wrong, but the way to discuss that is by providing evidence. That’s not an ad-hominem attack, that’s asking for evidence. Comments like “See there!” don’t move the conversation forward.

    And we don’t need you to translate someone’s assessment of the state of social media into “street-speak”. There are scholarly articles and plenty of expert opinions about whether or not some percentage of the electorate is influenced by misinformation. This is a place to discuss that, not lob insults. If you are taking this discussion as an insult, then you just proved my point that you know we are talking about you.



    Bob said, I don’t see my post as an attack on anyone here.   It certainly wasn’t intended to be.  As I have stated before I may attack a person’s ideas, but I would never attack the person.  As far as I know no one here has been identified as a nut case or a liberal lawyer or a native American, cavalry trouper or [white] settler.

    I sort of understood where you were going with the settlers, I didn’t agree with the implications, but I got what you were trying to say. The “nutcase vs communist” part though was just pointless. It’s not a question, since you are asking, “is a stupid person stupid?” Obviously both are dangerous in different ways. Our laws protecting against nutcases with guns are weak, that’s kind of the topic. Laws protecting us against bad lawyers are also a problem. There’s just too much wrapped up your post for it to have any value, so words like “liberal” and “communist” used so closely together become the theme, and it sure seems provocative to me. That’s what you need to cut out.


    Might I add that it isn’t so much what Bob said, it was how it was said, which was very offensive and meant to provoke.


    I get the feeling that you are trying to bury this conversation (your complaints against me) in a little-used section of the forums.  I have to assume there is some reason you wouldn’t continue the conversation where it began.  If I were a bit more paranoid, I might think that maybe it was because you don’t want others seeing it or chiming in.  I could be wrong.


    Yes, you’re wrong. I’m taking your disruption out of the forum. Read the rules.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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