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Congratulations Lausten … but,

Forums Forums Issues & Complaints Congratulations Lausten … but,

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    Lausten, Congratulations on becoming CFI moderator.

    First I saw it, I was thinking that’s awesome.

    But on further thinking, I’m worried it might limit your commenting which would be a real shame, being as you probably volunteer more quality thoughts than anyone else around here.  You do seem to keep it more neutral, or should I say not as passionate as some here, which is a good thing, it takes all kinds to keep a community going.

    Although I guess Occam managed to comment fairly often.  Well, just thought I’d bring it up.

    Good luck, good health and happy moderating.


    It shouldn’t limit him. He can post as much or as little as he wants, even as a mod. Congrats, Lausten. 🙂 Glad to have you helping out on CFI Forums.


    I remember Occam, often scolding or criticizing posts for their lack of brevity or succinctness.   I miss him.

    Thanks to Lausten for taking on this task while continuing his own participation.


    Sorry I missed this thread earlier. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. I learned a few things from Occam, but I’m not him.

    The volunteer and moderators hats are a challenge to juggle, but I think it’s a good challenge for me. I’ll probably make some missteps.


    Occam died.  But he had a long life.


    I meant “I’m not him” in the sense that I’m not exactly like him.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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