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Darwin was a racist

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    Well individuals of the past were products of their time and their life environments.

    That’s just how it works.

    That’s worth framing.   🙂


    Yeah, I guess it is.  Thanks, CC.


    Who cares if Darwin was even a black transsexual slave owner?

    His ideas about evolution, that he passed on to us, is what matters.

    Very true but the wokesters don’t agree.  That’s the point.


    oneguy, I think “wokeness” is just another of the words that you define as you wish in order to make some political point that fits with your particular right wing world view.

    If being woke means recognizing social and racial and other disparities that the right wingers deny happens, then being woke would be a damn good thing.

    If, however, as you seem to want it to mean, that historical figures who contributed to our societal development, should have their contributions discounted because of their racist and inequitable social beliefs that were typical of their times, then that sort of “wokeness” is, imo, dysfunctional.


    Who cares if Darwin was even a black transsexual slave owner? — TimB

    The problem is, a lot of people would have cared at the time. Maybe not so many about the slave ownership, but the other two. We have not only lost names to history, but we don’t know how much progress was not made or genius lost because someone was dismissed or worse due to something that today would be considered irrelevant. We also know that when one person with one of these traits makes it to a public position, it inspires others to overcome their fears of stepping out.

    So going back and looking for this is not rewriting history, it’s uncovering it, uncovering the harm done and giving the credit where it’s due.

    sorry if this sounds “splainy”, just wanted to clarify my position

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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