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Denial of science is not a GOP specificity

Forums Forums General Discussion Denial of science is not a GOP specificity

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    Hello All,

    As a reader of CFI newsletter I just registered on the forum to express my disappointment in what is a factually wrong statement. In the latest newsletter (“Looking forward: progress for non-religious Americans”) commenting on the mid-terms election I read this statement: “[…]the active denial of science in public policy is coming primarily from one party: the GOP”.

    This statement is certainly true about AGW science. But unfortunately, the DEMs are acting with the same level of denial when it comes to equally well-established scientific facts like the safety of GMOs or Glyphosate.

    I hope that the editors will be careful in avoiding bias when reporting the unfortunate denial of science that is regularly happening with politicians more concerned with their voter’s opinion than scientific facts.

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    I agree there are many Democratic VOTERS who do that. But I see those voters calling out the Democratic candidates for their support of Monsanto. Hillary was definitely pro modern farming. Bernie managed to avoid the conversation.


    Samuel have you studied about the history of science denial?

    There are fringies everywhere, but there’s nothing like how the Republicans have fabricated, manipulated and weaponized wanton dishonest denial!

    Want supporting evidence?   http://www.waronscience.com/home.php




    Climate Change Denial Books and Conservative Think Tanks Exploring the Connection

    Riley E. Dunlap and Peter J. Jacques


    Am Behav Sci. 2013 Jun; 57(6): 699–731.

    doi:  [10.1177/0002764213477096]


    SPECIAL REPORT    May 12,  2010

    Living in denial: How corporations manufacture doubt

    By Richard Littlemore


    There’s plenty more, just gotta poke around.


    Not to mention that thing that most Republicans have actually convinced themselves that they have a personal relationship with the God of time, matter, life and love.

    It’s utterly insane, oh but how they do take themselves seriously and how they hate anyone with the rational brain.  Thus turning themselves into little monsters of the EGO run amuck, as we can see in the Trumpian takeover of America.

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