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Does non-attachment lead to an happy life?

Forums Forums General Discussion Does non-attachment lead to an happy life?

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    Because to me it seems that they are trying to justify nonattachment being healthy where in relationships it makes it seem like you are always on edge because you know it will end. It also to me makes it sound like the relationship is cheap, like why invest in it if you just know that it’s going to end some day. I mean yeah we do get hurt when these things end, but that’s normal. It’s part of life and living is about learning to move on from those things. I know I’ve lost in the past and it hurt, but I wouldn’t trade that for happier times or being non attached. It seems to me that non-attachment and disinterest go hand in hand. I mean….if you are setting goals and you don’t care about the outcome then why are you setting goals to begin with?


    I know I’ve lost in the past and it hurt, but I wouldn’t trade that for happier times or being non attached.

    That pretty well sums it up for me. This is not an easy question. There are subtle differences of detachment, infatuation, dependency, etc.


    Well judging from what the articles say it sounds like indifference to me. I get that one can accept that opinions can be wrong and you edit them as time goes by, some with greater difficulty than others. But values and opinions are meaningless unless you stand for them and debate. I think they tend to take for granted what it to get to where we are now, the result and work of those who WERE attached to the outcome of their actions. In fact I don’t think civil rights would have taken off without it if they had followed this advice.


    Like the bulk of the arguments being made on those pages just amount to little more than “it’s not indifference because I say so”. They don’t give examples or proofs. I know that when I’m not attached to any outcome I don’t really enjoy the presence or have loving kindness, I just inhabit a sort of blank zone. It’s like being a rock almost, when you don’t care what the outcome is life gets kind of gray. It leads to inaction (contrary to what she believes you HAVE to give a damn about the outcome of goals). It seems like they don’t fully grasp it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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