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    So, I decided to read everything on the book sale site that was available for free on “Enlightenment Now”.  This included the Preface, a List of Figures, which was a listing of all the categories of data they were after and a list of the many places from which data was gotten.  I read a sample of comments about the book. Anyway, I think I got a good sense of what the book is about.

    In postulating, it seems to me that Pinker probably had the philosophy that the book promotes, well prior to writing and doing research for the book.  I am guessing that the research was probably gathered with the anticipation that it would support the ideas that Pinker wishes to promote. Thus my hopes are not high that this book is expected to have all out regard as a particularly “scientific” work.

    That being said, on a political, philosophical, humanistic level, it sounds like a book whose points I would very much be behind.  Now, I consider myself to be on the political left.

    So I wonder, Oneguy, when you say  ” It’s crazy — but unsurprising — how much backlash from leftists he’s (Pinker’s) getting over “Enlightenment Now”. ”  I wonder how ppl on the left (like me) could have such a different take as I do.  I hope this doesn’t mean I need to actually read the book.


    Oh yeah, I read the Contents section also.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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