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Hi – I am an alien

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    How do you guys think aliens will introduce themselves?

    They could broadcast messages over the radio, take control of our TV channels or… jut register to a forum and say “HI – I am an alien” 🙂

    That would be awesome.


    But no, I don’t think I am an alien… I could be tho…

    I am very happy to find your organization.

    Trying to reason religion it is not impossible and the present Pope is a great advocate for dialog.


    I have some time and I am looking to prospect a UFO research project where people turn on their phones and leave them open overnight.

    We know or we can identify a lot of the dots on the sky – and so remove them from the picture and so we can identify the unidentified flying objects easier.

    I am optimistic that we can find proof :).

    Here is more about the project: https://full-moon-report.com/uforecorder 

    Please let me know what you think. I need to find people to criticize the project before making more steps.

    We are pretty close to having this application – I mean if I am not making it, someone else will make it in a few years, it cant wait longer.

    We have the technology we are just missing someone to do it.

    Are we ready tho?




    A project where people leave their phones on all night. What could possibly go wrong?

    I will be marking this as spam, but I wanted a few others to see it. Just for laughs.

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    It will be left connected to a charger – if you mean it will ran out of battery :).

    You can remove the link if you think it is spam. I can put more description here.



    I hope you can find evidence of intelligent life out there, since it seems to be waning so quickly here on the old home planet.


    “I need to find people to criticize the project before making more steps.”

    You can’t have made your idea widely known if this is a problem.


    These comments are too good.


    They will say, “There is no intelligent life down here.” Then they leave.


    Hey manases,

    I’m assuming (hoping?) that you’ve looked at other larger, professional attempts at finding intelligence in the universe.

    These folks did it at a very high level for many years: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/sah_about.php.

    If you can’t find some valuable information from them, you’re not going to find it anywhere else since your other options are getting them from average folks or crack-pots.

    Don’t despair that you’ve been scooped on this idea. Now you can focus on other hobbies.


    Thanks 3POINT14RAT,

    I will have a closer look.

    I thought they investigate the radio frequencies while my project is more a video recognition software.

    But maybe they had to do with video too, I mean I would be very surprised to be the first one thinking about monitoring the sky for UFOs.


    Hi guys, I changed a lot the project description.

    I realized it has a strong astronomical application.

    I firstly viewed it as a UFO tracker but other people were more interested to observe unknown phenomena on the sky – whether they might be – natural or even man-made.

    So is going away from the UFO perspective and more into the astronomical observation direction.

    It can be used by various people trying (hoping) to find various things.


    A million cameras randomly pointed at the sky will accumulate a ton of data but, without useful organization of that data, no information. Without knowing how you will identify anomalies and catalogue them, I can’t comment on how useful this might be.

    Organizing your data will be a hard.

    Convincing a large number of people to link their phones to you and place them where they can take photos of the sky every night will be harder. Much much harder


    Good luck.  I am all for valid and well organized data bases.  You don’t always know what data may come in handy, for various purposes.


    @timb – agree.

    You cannot go wrong if you have good data.

    It won’t be amazing in the beginning but we will tune it hopefully.

    A million cameras pointing to the sky could help us rebuild a UFO trajectory around the whole earth…

    This is the easiest way to say there are / OR there are not / UFOs around the earth.


    Just my opinion here:

    I don’t think that aliens with the ability to travel between stars to investigate us will hang out where we can see them. They’d be aware of our technology, so would either stay far enough away that we can’t see them or they would camouflage/cloak themselves.

    Also, why would aliens even be here? Space is big. Evidence of our existence is small. The combination of those two facts leads me to conclude that even if an alien society capable of interstellar travel existed somewhere in the universe, they won’t visit because they have no idea we’re here.

    You will definitely see thousands of UFOs but none will be alien.


    @3point14rat – I think you might have just asked the question of the decade if not – the question of the century.

    What are aliens doing here?

    Assuming they are here.  So this is a question for the believers. (I am a believer too)

    Because you are right – if you think about it, we cannot be of any interest to any advanced alien civilization.

    But they are here! (They say). So… we are of interest to them?

    Which sounds a little scary.

    I can see far more bad scenarios why we would be of interest to them than positive scenarios.

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