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Hi – I am an alien

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    They are probably just here to serve us…

    … as an entree!!!


    That joke comes to you courtesy of the “Twilight Zone” episode “To Serve Man” from 1962.


    manases:  “What are aliens doing here?

    Assuming they are here.  So this is a question for the believers. (I am a believer too)

    Because you are right – if you think about it, we cannot be of any interest to any advanced alien civilization.

    But they are here! (They say). So… we are of interest to them?”

    Hey manases. Your certainty without justification is dangerous.

    You should probably take a bunch of time to do an impartial investigation into the topic of aliens visiting earth. As fascinating as the topic is, there are zero legitimate reasons to think they are here and a ton of legitimate reasons.

    Avoid sensationalized books, videos and articles. Check out ‘boring’ science based material that supplies reasonable ideas that don’t sound good only because they are exciting and you want them to be true.

    Here is my favorite quote of all time. Think long and hard about how the message in it relates to the strength of your conviction regarding aliens. (I freely confess that I had to read it a few times slowly the first time I came across it to really understand it.)

    “It is morally as bad not to care whether a thing is true or not, so long as it makes you feel good, as it is not to care how you got your money as long as you have got it.”
    Edwin Way Teale, Circle of the Seasons: The Journal of a Naturalist’s Year

    When you realize that emotion rather than reason has led to your belief, you’ll be better off for it- both morally and intellectually. And don’t worry that accepting reality will leave you without the fun idea of aliens! I accept the reality of the situation, but still lovey thinking about all the same “what if” questions you do.

    It’s like learning Santa isn’t real: you can still love Christmas (maybe even love it more) without a fiction attached.



    I see what you mean, however, my belief is anchored not in expectations but in scientific probability (I thin so, believe so, hope so)


    Probabilistically and scientifically speaking (more reasons like planets with water, cosmic molecules close to ARN and complex proteins etc) , it is more probable that in Universe is more life than just us.

    So the problem goes like this:

    Q1. Is it probable we are the only life in the Universe or not?

    A1. Scientifically more probable we are not alone.


    From this scientific probability then we have the next questions.

    If we are not alone, then what are the chances that

    Q2 – if any aliens exist, then what are the chances that more of them exist? Like everywhere where the conditions are good?

    A2 – if more than us once, probable more than us many times.


    Q3 – the aliens have developed before us and reached space travel? If we evolved in 13 billion years, what are the chances that they evolved in 12.999 billion years (or less) and reached intergalactic flight? (which could be 50-100 years from where we are now)

    Q4 – they found us


    I think the probability is still very high even if from Q1 to Q4 you add more ifs.

    So.. I think my belief is based on science, not in emotion.


    Believing that aliens exist, they are more than one single species, some of them are more evolved than us and they visited us, I think it is a scientific approach to the subject of aliens.

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    Q: What are the odds of us having irrefutable evidence that humans have ever had contact with an extraterrestrial intelligent life form?

    A:  So far, ZERO.  Otherwise, show the irrefutable evidence.


    If you are alien then what are you doing on the internet and earth?


    Like I said, they are probably here to serve…

    you up as an entree!!

    Some say that humans have been a popular epicurean delicacy for aliens ever since that classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode. They don’t harvest humans straight up, however, as it would cause too much attention for humans to disappear altogether.  They may abduct certain humans, and then clone the ones that match their dietary criteria and grow them for the meat and by products, then release the original.

    Ancient alien researchers suspect this to be the case.  😉



    I actually calculated the odds of aliens existing somewhere else.


    If you know how probabilistic works, you have to be anti-scientific to challenge those numbers.

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