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Humanism and addressing hate speech

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    I encouraged fellow atheists and humanists to comment on the blogs and discussion groups they may belong to which are open to posting all kinds of material. Specifically, when someone posts an anti-atheist theme, consider setting the record straight.

    For example, I am on Linkedin and sometimes a person posts how atheists are the cause of all dictators and communists/statists/fascists and that atheists are shameful. I don’t let this go and call it what it is: Hate speech. Then I explain what hate speech is, that while free to speak, it is wrongheaded and without merit.

    In this case, I presented that while “All communists may be atheists, all atheists are not anywhere near communists just as all murderers are human but all humans are not murderers…or rapists, or thieves or anything else that harms innocent people.”

    I don’t do it simply for that one person but for the onlookers and other members of the site and whoever might read it.

    I encourage others to join in this type of effort.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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