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    What’s good in their stuff isn’t news and I’ve heard it before.

    When it came to their “nature of reality” stuff I just shook my head. I could see how it would be easy for others to fall into it. Stating that the reality as you know it is a myth is a hook that lots of people fall for. It baits you by offering insight that “no one else knows” which is the root of many conspiracy websites or spiritual stuff.”

    And you are right, the heavy sum is that sunk cost. It ain’t cheap. But I ignored the red flags because I wanted to give people a chance. But at some point in the night I just couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t want to say he guy lied to me, as I can’t prove it, and it might just have been miscommunication. But I noticed that among the guests in the room I didn’t get called on again after I spoke, I also didn’t get an apology from the guy who brought me there. So at this juncture I have to conclude that I dodged a bullet.

    But it’s usually hard to do this, because I get so easily sucked in by believing I am missing out on something great or wonderful or the truth, or even freedom.

    But looking at it now I see that is the same bait other movements, religions, and groups do too. Having taken college level psychology courses I see how we aren’t “infinite or unlimited”, that we are flawed. That something we aren’t aware off can influence us and that there is a lot we aren’t aware of. So their speech of “infinite possibilities” fell dead on my ears because…..well I knew better.


    So I guess what I learned from this, and what I will apply, is “be wary of those selling truth and/or salvation.”


    That was an amazing string of cliches


    True. But I guess it helped me realize how similar these “selling salvation” schemes are. The Broward Meditation said the same thing and their approach was similar.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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