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    Sorry, but not really, because it is important and you do a great job of dancing around it.


    “It” being how to constructively confront the vicious delusional thinking that has taken hold because the liberal/progressive/rationalist types inability to confront the tactics of the deliberate deception of our uber-rich Alt-Right political advertising campaign machine.  Oh and just because it’s a hopeless struggle why should it be given up on?


    I still have hope.  It is faint.  I suspect that you harbor a faint hope, also, somewhere deep inside that Mindscape thingy of yours.


    Oh and just because it’s a hopeless struggle why should it be given up on? –CC

    FYI, I’ll be taking a vacation over the next couple weeks, so don’t take my lack of response personally. However, there is not much point in answering the same baited questions you keep asking. You’ve become a troll CC. You are trolling me about how I don’t feed trolls, but you’re still a troll. You ignore things I say, you repeat yourself, your evidence doesn’t support your argument, you accuse me of doing things I don’t do, put words in my mouth, quote out of context and on and on.


    I’ve avoided looking at this since this entire thread has gotten supremely distasteful and because I suspected there’s be no point, and that I probably couldn’t stop myself from responding and needed a lot of away time before peeking at this quagmire again.

    You are wrong with that twisted interpretation.

    You disappoint.

    The sorry state of today’s public dialogue, is plenty evidence for the grotesque failure of the rational left to confront the monstrous deceptions of the Alt-right.

    Walking away has left the field open to them.

    Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and do better than the last.

    It’s about learning, it’s about standing up and trying to enunciate our values and truths better than the last time.

    It’s about realizing that unless we are engaging and changing minds, WE ARE LOSING.



    If you are talking to me CC, I never said I was walking away from the confrontation. Braver Angels is a rapidly growing organization that is bringing me together with right wingers and I am seeking those relationships, actively in my community as well. If I’m “walking away” from anyone, it’s you. You are the unreasonable and irrational one in this thread. But I’m not “walking away” from you, I’m just putting less effort in to our conversations because you keep doing this, you keep saying I’m doing something that I’m not.

Viewing 5 posts - 241 through 245 (of 245 total)
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