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Need to confront the Trump faithful with the truth and some values

Forums Forums Politics and Social Issues Need to confront the Trump faithful with the truth and some values

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    Lausten here’s an example why I irritate my own side.  You respond that it was long ago.

    What the hell does that mean???   It started long ago, but it sure as hell carries into our day!!!



    Drug war was/is centered in Colombia and Panama and more recently Mexico. 2018 refugees were from mostly from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador — which were never heavily affected by drug violence.


    No, evolution ALSO made us capable of constructing a humanistic culture.  Evolution has resulted in most of us having the capacity to empathize with others, regardless of where they come from.  We can empathize with individuals of other species, for crikey’s sake.

    I don’t think it’s evolution’s fault.  I think you could have gone either way. You went tribal.


    In the not-too-distant past, it was thought of as improper hyperbole to add into any discussion a comparison of someone to Hitler.  Nowadays, it is considered a simple explanatory addition to comments about T_rump.



    One thing we should be careful to avoid is depicting the United States as a victim. Since the close of WW2 the US has sought to dominate foreign resources, this was done to further the interests of “investors” (not the “working man”).

    Take for example Taiwan, China strongly disapproves of US moves to sell more arms to Taiwan, yet if China began to sell comparable weapons to Cuba we’d see a lot of fuss being made by the US.

    The majority of people in the US have an insular view of their own country and Trump has taken full advantage of this, Hitler did a similar thing in the 1930’s instilling the view that Germany was a victim surrounded by enemies or threats.

    I don’t consider America a “victim” yet — although many Americans have been victimized by globalization, and situation is very different from Nazi Germany.  At this point the problem is middle class quality of life is being eroded by third word peasants because middle class business owners want cheap labor.


    Fact check: A list of 45 ways Trump has been dishonest about Ukraine and impeachment

    By Daniel Dale, CNN,   November 16, 2019


    It’s curious that no one has posted about the impeachment hearings.  Guess, HooHum.


    CC, the Impeachment Inquiry is a somber affair.  New supporting evidence is being shown pretty constantly, supporting the original story of abuse of power by T_rump.  I expect he will be clearly shown to be guilty of this, at least.  The final defense will by that his crime does not warrant his removal from office.  Due to the nature of his crime, and due to his nature, I think that T_rump will continue his criminal ways if left in office.  If at least 20 Republican Senators do not join in to remove him from office, T_rump will become even more unaccountable to the law.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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