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No sense – Jesus died for me

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    lausten wrote:

    I spent a bit of time trying to figure out what sin is. I asked several Christians. Most will say something like, “just read the Bible, it’s obvious”.


    Sin is rebellion against God.  Sin is transgressing his laws.   See here:


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    Well Said…

    jesus said people would be hardened by this world and be dull of hearing matt 13:15

    all we can do is present the good news so there are without excuse rom 1:20



    Jesus was Not a real person.

    The attached video is approximately 10 minutes long.


    Very good @widdershins what you said is totally true!..there is a price for sin…even when we marry we must give out the brideprice! nothing comes easy…thats why Jesus is needed.God bless you..repentance is easy but not attornement….about repentance i guess  here we can learn more >> REPENTANCE THAT TOUCHES THE HEART OF THE LORD.



    If God is power enough to create the universe and everything in it, why do you suppose he chose a book to communicate with us? Why wouldn’t this God have written this book himself instead of choosing humans? And why hasn’t God given us any objective evidence for his existence? And what kind of all knowing super entity requires worship or it has murderous temper tantrum‘s? And what kind of all loving God would allow a child to be raped?


    Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto.


    Here is a post about a non penal substitution approach to atonement: https://darthpausanias.blogspot.com/2020/09/eviscerating-conservative-evangelical.html


    I didn’t read far into this because it started out as a bunch of nonsense.  If you look at the description of this approach in the beginning you can easily see why.

    (1) Man has sinned against God; (2) God is holy and cannot excuse sin (ners); (3) God’s holiness results in his anger and wrath focused against sin(ners); (4) Jesus Christ, the Son of God bore the full wrath against sin(ners); (5) This propitiation enables God to righteously forgive sinners, declare them righteous, and thereby reconcile them to himself (Pulliam, 189)

    That description doesn’t make sense logically.  Parts 1-4 are all past tense while part 5 apparently extends to the rest of eternity.  If you’re very angry then yes, you can take a sledge hammer to an old car and take your anger out on that and maybe feel better afterwards.  But that’s not going to help you the next time that same thing happens.

    And what was this “wrath” that Jesus supposedly bore?  Being nailed to a cross by people for six hours?  Does that sound like the wrath of God to you?  No cities burning, no ground opening and swallowing anyone up, no being smitten with boils and emrods, no frogs or locusts, just chilling on the cross for a fraction of the time it usually took to die up there, a punishment easily delivered by man because it was.

    What’s more, you can’t even reconcile this with the accounts in the Bible.  There is an Old Testament, before Jesus came along.  And in that Old Testament people did go to Heaven.  One person was even taken there physically.  God didn’t have a whipping boy back then, but he was still able to forgive sin without one.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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