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    Trying to post a response to a thread just before 4:30 Central Time today I got a “Page not found” error instead of the usual, “You just posted!” site.  When I went back the post had not gone through.  The second time it went through fine.  Probably a rare glitch, but just in case, there it is.

    I am using Firefox 64 bit version 70.0 (which I just realized needed updated) with AdBlock Plus, New Tab Homepage and Popup Blocker Ultimate plugins on a Windows 10 Pro, version 1903, fully updated computer with an i5-9600K processor and 8GB of RAM, using just the video on the processor.


    That may have been my fault. 🙁 I’m really sorry. I saw Mark’s name calling in another thread, after he had been warned or he’d be banned and I hit the block button. Then I realized I hit the wrong person and quickly fixed it, probably about as fast as you reposted your reply. Trust me, I feel bad about that.


    Oh, don’t even worry about it.  I probably had it coming anyway 😉

    And I’m not God.  I accept that people are imperfect and have no intention of punishing anyone for being imperfect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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