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    people  that are     EMPATH        get more  psychic attack  you are not alone or crazy … try to stay way of your room mate and stay positive ,  you have a gift to pick up people energy and bad thought that there thinking  bad of you and there emotions  ,  you can pick every one thoughts  … you are was call  PSYCHIC EMPATH . And you dont even know it ..  you not crazy at all you just gifted my friend .


    i  do understand how you feel and i go throw this my self everyday and is because we  EMPATH  but i know how to handle it  and block  it take works but i stay  positive every day  is hard i know   ,    . but people will not understand this only the ones that are .   we can talk more about this, is a long story


    and who ever is going throw this you can message me . there more to the story . feel free .


    I used to get attacked a lot, I started practicing Tibetan Buddhism more and it helped so much. I learned some powerful mantras from Lama Jigme Namgyal Rinpoche and I feel so much better now. I can meditate without any of those negative feelings coming at me now. If you can meditate, please do so, it helps so much. Thank you for posting, I hope everything gets better.




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    You need to do some legal action only

    Hypothetical presumable effort if implicated can be effective,

    But this is like secret collective cult ,

    If you try to do it legally,

    Rather try dealing with it ,it’s nature’s call to you to fulfill your karma through contributing in this war of darkness and light,and giving you experience and understanding due to which ,you’ve reached this forum… Great perception of yours ,

    It’s your nature to be reactive ,it’s our architecture of behaviour that we have to respond to every stimuli we receive,

    We can ignore the external stimuli like visual or any external spatial events,with the help of our bodies,

    By just moving away from that place,

    But in this scenario ,your mind which is perceiving Temple of your’s which is physically not sensory but is created for the purpose of sensation,perception and memory, gets invaded from where you can’t escape ,why would you want to escape youur own space,you like your mental space and it’s inside voice ,which you are only aware of times when you’re alone which is actually is always there ,

    Suddenly ,now you’re all the time aware of this extra sensation ,which is not extra than your usual perception but rather just the extension or the tail end (which shoots) just your response to the latter perception . That shooting , extra,added stimuli which your mind percieved or moved to and that mind which become aware or gets disturbed from it’s sleep ,gets identified.

    So you see , now you’ve started the war with yourself,


    You’ve identified your extra added response or stimuli, which seems out of order, which chronically will cause anxiety and you’ll have no control over,boggles your mind unconsciously.

    Then you’ll enter a state of self assessment opening the memory lanes that you wouldn’t have.

    If all this is going and the other end of psychic didn’t responded or shown there presence than ,you’ll be scared cause you don’t know the identity of this person.

    So how can you take a legal action over this person,

    Why dont you try some natural ways of healing yourself , and try to discern the nature of this attack is it some serious shit ,or something which will reduce with time,

    Try not to get demotivated, believe in your God , and Karma ,these people who entered your psyche ,without consent,lacks morality in life if you, just ignore that you’ve been hacked ,and just live on with your life ,you’ll only gonna worsen your situation,

    You should not try to disclose the identity of the user ,it will damage you badly, try to care yourself , just do good and not think I’ll will ,of any kind just don’t ignore it complete that thought and let go.

    Let go of your desires, be a good human being when you authentically become good it might leave you,if it’s supernatural just go to some religious centre it will be very effective, and don’t get demotivated.

    If it is just a psychic attack nothing supernatural ,then you should just think that the user at the other end will get what he/she might be doing back, reflect it on to them, and keep thinking of the psychic user falling abyss of nothingness,

    Demotivated these thoughts of someone doing something on you,

    Try to change ,if it’s a cyclical thing repeating same patterns it might be semiautomatic, that’s why it needs some behavioural modification

    Think positive thoughts and change for good ,try to change or modify what you do.

    Look now you’ve started in good motivated way, as now you’ve someone else to relate with,

    Next ,just do this on repetition,

    Become geeky for it , if repition is’nt possible, just add some extra efforts


    Now you’re mind is like aware yes this is something which can be dealt with, now you’re body should do some work ,

    Try eating and fasting , keep eating every 2 hrly and some fasting scenarios tried by some religious proffesionals,

    It’s a war against your past self , with the demotivated,blaming present self to become the better motivated future self ,

    Take a stronghold over your mind and body , mind and body are same ,they ‘re in harmonious state when that is disbalanced by poltergiesty surroundings or dynamism of your surrounding, which is something agitating and irritating,somewhere in your behaviour gets cranky buildup of exhaustion which finally give away in passively acting and in aggressive way which will further damage your defensive ego which ,couldn’t do something even if subconsciously created to defend in the conscious environment gets hacked and become demotivated.

    You’ve a worthwhile persona ,you’re gifted person,and people love and care for you, if not you yourself care more for yourself so stay motivated , no one’s gonna take your side ,evory one will tell you to get a medical checkup, or go to psychiatrist

    Nothing might help or everything will work outbut usually people will stay away from this shit, rather ironically online it might just get some hay.

    But don’t worry, try legal action only if there is law against these kind of activities,which are supernatural,

    But psychism,who has these psychic vampires who suck out your daily energy,will never be completely not hungry, and will leave you unable to work, always remember these people will try to be like hemiparasite ,will give you sense of gratification ,depending on your desirous behaviour which was easily developed in your childhood ,i.e reward system ,if you give heed to this other end it will override you physiology and psychology.

    Generally it can be eliminated by being more social,and this psychological warfare can be won by your mind and body

    By taking back your balance of mind and body, be motivated through your body and mind ,you should look for modification in your behaviour ,like in a good way.  Well that much I have experienced. And these things might actually work. And believe in karma especially, if you know the karmic principle in the back of your head you will remain motivated, what goes around comes around… ☮️




    People try to take more easier ways to achieve, to gain knowledge which they didn’t know ,has only one hard long road. I.e life’s funda




    You should not be aware of what other person gaining ,you should observe yourself. Just observe and try practising meditative efforts and then observe changes, these all stimulations are efforts to dysrhythm your breathing which is driving force of your behaviour, like when run a track and you’re breathing deeply your thoughts reduced. And when your body relaxed your lungs go on breathing less and inflates less and less , until you get this urge of taking deep breath.

    Try to relax your mind , by diverting your attention to physical work , your mind will effortlessly become unaware. Then you’re thoughts are reduced. And you’re more aware.



    I think people need to understand the reality of psychic attacks.

    It really depends on a persons perception.


    You are correct in all areas of your post.

    I am a psychic and just like all activities we sometimes are under attack from unknown forces. We get our ‘fingers burnt’

    Usually it is when we play about with the occult. Being psychic does not give us clear vision to see exactly what is out there.

    What I can say to people who have had these attacks is not t0 worry about what is attacking you, but having to deal with society who will probably send you off to a psychiatric unit.

    I was fortunate and was able to ward off my attack using a psychic headband.


    I sometimes psychically attack people I don’t like.  I learned how from a South Park episode.  I just wish I could find someone to play Dungeons and Dragons with so I could learn some real life magic spells like all those people you see casting fireball and lightning bolt in the park all the time until the cops come chase them off.


    You need to be careful as these things can and will come back on you.

    Without being rude, you seem immature but that could just be your age.

    The dangers that lie is pretty much like playing with fire. You have to know what you are doing and most important of all you must have a reason. Simply disliking someone is going against the forces of nature. Before anyone asks, wicca, magic, sorcery and even telepathic abilities are natural. Not being able to use them is for a reason and mostly down to ignorance and the need for protection. The devil has more important things to do rather than picking on humans. What we have to worry about is discarnate forces that keep their distance because of human ignorance. Without meaning to be bolshy, psychics have no excuses for tampering into the occult. The reason is that we know better than to dabble. If and when we do, there is very little to protect us. Ignorance is the best defence which works on our non belief system building up a shield by strongly believing that the paranormal does not exist.

    The worst thing to worry about are not the demons but the psychiatrists. Better any demon than to tackle with the shrinks! Half our mental hospitals are full with people hearing voices in their head..lol


Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)
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