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Science validates the Bible, which is God's word

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    Bible and Quran say God created heavens and earth. Bible further says God created this universe about 6000 years back out of nothing. Science says the Universe is formed billions of years back and is still expanding.  Hindu Vedas say God has not created this Universe but this Universe is a manifestation out of God. i.e.,  whole Universe is a part of God.  Further, Scientific estimation of Universe formation date and Vedic estimation of Universe manifestation date nearly match. Vedas further say the Universe finally merges with God from whom it has come out. Jainism believes in God but does not believe in creator God. According to Jainism, this Universe  is neither created by Anyone nor sustained by Anyone nor destroyed by Anyone but is self existent and runs on its own accord based on its own cosmic laws.



    Prasa – a bunch of claims without any science


    Patrick D



    Umm, what?

    Could you perhaps make a point?

    For interest; the bible does not say the earth is 6000 years old. That idiotic claim was made by some dopey English bishop in the nineteenth century.It’s only some of smaller evangelicals christian sects which believe that.

    Perhaps go away and do some reading.



    Yes, Patrick.  Bible does not say earth was created about 6000 years back.  I said that because most Christians in India say so. They say 6000 years is estimated based on  chronologies  mentioned in the Bible. Archbishop James Ussher of 17th century  estimated.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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