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Supercontinents and the Pacific Northwest – Nick Zentner

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    Hello, no time really, it’s Meltdown weekend, but in relaxing I came on a geology lecture by perhaps the greatest geology lecturer around, Nick Zentner from Washington.

    No time to get into that just now either – But how may of you know about the Supercontinent Columbia?

    I was vaguely aware there must have been something back before Rodinia, but that was musings.  Now the serious guys, real experts and scientists have collected enough information so that conclusion are being made.  Of course with the obvious caveat that more information will no doubt improve and possibly realign the story.

    Pangea   200~300  MYA

    Rodinia   750~1100 MYA

    Columbia   1400~1800 MYA


    Central Washington University
    Published on Apr 11, 2019

    Central Washington University geology professor Nick Zentner discusses new Supercontinent Cycles research which includes Montana’s Belt Series bedrock. Filmed at the Morgan Auditorium in downtown Ellensburg, Washington. April 3, 2019.



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