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Sylvia brown prediction article

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    In this article the writer degrades sylvia brown. I don’t know her personally and I’m sure the writer doesn’t either. The writer states “So we have a two-sentence prediction written in 2008 by a convicted felon with a long track record of failures. ” and continues to persuade the reader that because of this nothing is no good. I think its bs for people to degrade others because of their life’s choices. She could have been a great soul with a huge heart. Failures are how we gain knowledge and wisdom. I’m sure she is much smarter in life’s terms than this writer. As a recovering  addict and a three time felon i can say I’m a much better person and more understanding of the mistakes in human nature. I don’t  speak for all people but i know social views on mistakes are not separated from others therefore, one pure soul in wrong place wrong time wrong choice is judged as the worst one that was not a good person. We all are sinners and no sin is above another.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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