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    “we” perhaps it comes back to that scientific consensus thing.  Discussing evolution, I often us “we know” because the facts are pretty well understood by those who care to learn about it.  I have been convince by those facts, so it would seem silly for me to use the “I know” when it’s the lessons of others that have taught me what I know.


    Sort like a salesperson constantly talking about “my” stock – when he’s just a dang employee and has had nothing to do with the merchandise purchasing or ownership.

    Here’s some great merchandise I just got in.  BS.

    Here’s some great merchandise we just got in.  Sounds way more proper to me.


    Back to scripture

    Lets not forget it was a silly quote – Holmes thinks it profound but can’t explain why,

    so off into Distraction Land we hop yet again.


    “Personally I see a set of individuals, I am not debating a group, you may feel some camaraderie with this or that person on certain issues but that’s a subjective thing, there is no “us” and “them” here.”

    I am sorry if anyone here is upset that I used “we” when mentioning how some people seem to have a similar problem communicating with one other person on here. My assumption when seeing a number of people say the same thing to the same person and get the same response, was that we were having the same experience. My bad if you were all actually satisfied with your experience in spite of everything you posted.

    “Oh yeah – but think of how much money you’ve saved by not buying losing lottery tickets.  At least that’s what I tell myself .”

    That’s what I tell myself too. “Vegas was built by losers”, is not an exaggeration. Same goes for the winner of a lottery.

    If playing the lottery was fun I might buy a ticket, but I get no satisfaction in donating money to someone I don’t know because they also bought a ticket.

    My grandpa bought $20 worth of tickets every week from the early-80’s until he passed away in 2011. He never won more than $300 and I have no idea his total winnings, but there’s no way he won more than a total of more than $2000. He spend around $30,000. There are guys I’ve worked with who spent far more than my grandpa every week and never won either.

    I know of no winners and know no one who knows someone who’s won. Do any of you know a big winner?




    I know a lot of people who claim to have won big , but little evidence. Others claim to break even, but casino odds will tell you that you can’t break even for long. The odds are always in favor of the house, no matter how many people tell you they have a “system”. The real odds are that gamblers lie.



Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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