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The end is near. Well 31 years anyway.

Forums Forums Science and Technology The end is near. Well 31 years anyway.

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    Player, you can be irritating.

    But, then again, you can make sense sometimes.   😉


    Hey, Player said something non-rhetorical. Just sayin’

    I used “end is near” and the title of thing used “doom”, but there just isn’t a phrase that really fits. “End of civilization” kind of does, but what is “civilized”? It could be we return to a hunter/gatherer culture, but with more awareness of where we came from and the size of the world. It could be better than what we have now. Maybe we’ll figure out how to support enough people in advancing technology, without needing to have this economic engine of fast food and household convenience products along side it. I’m not suggesting a utopia, but if enough of the capitalist system collapses, it could make it easier to avoid being exploited by the capitalists.


    “Not as good as the one from a couple months ago”
    I believe it. “Life After people ” is not about the end of days. It simply poses a hypothetical question; would would happen if all humans simply disappeared? It’s interesting but ultimately pointless; no people ,no one there to see it.,

    I wasn’t referring to the documentary, but another end-of-the-world paper that was discussed here several months ago.

    My fault, I should have searched for it last night, but here it is: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/vbwpdb/the-climate-change-paper-so-depressing-its-sending-people-to-therapy

    It’s more creative IMO.


    Those wild eyed hippies.

    Will they ever stop it with the scaremongering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paf2pJtaXYE


    CC: have u seen “Ice and Fire”, the movie, yet?  What’s your take on it?


    “Life After People” was one of my favorite series on the History Channel.  I wish they’d do more things like that and keep beating the UFO dead horse.

    It so happens I plead guilty to a fan fiction story about a planet which was in the middle of an environmental crisis just like this, and they frittered around until it was too late to do anything about it.  The solution they came up with was to build these domes all over the planet, and they sealed everyone inside pods hooked up to a virtual reality environment which gave them the illusion that everything was perfect.  It seems that hiding your head in the sand is one favorite human pastime.


    There may still be time to avert the worst of what we have done.


    CC: have u seen “Ice and Fire”, the movie, yet?  What’s your take on it?

    I’m outside the loop so had to look it up and ya know, found out all I needed to in a couple paragraphs.  No.  What’s the point?  The disasters are easy and our media saturated faith-blinded masses love their horror and make-believe* so it seems an empty exercise so far as teaching anyone anything constructive.

    (*That’s based on the movies playing in theaters – I mean have you tried looking for a thinking, subtle movie in theaters these past years?  Near nothing, if you know of some please start a new thread, would love good movie discoveries, but I digress.)

    We learned all we needed to regarding the long term outlook for our consumer society and its baby making binge.  Slow down or pay hell at the end of the road.  We chose Faust’s bargain, peddle to the metal, trusting that we won’t have to pay the pain, leaving that for others.

    Leonardo DiCaprio returns, not as a starring actor, but as producer and narrator of a new climate documentary. “Ice on Fire,” now available through HBO, covers what director Leila Conners and her team view as the existential “climate crisis” facing our planet.

    The documentary presents its case for how “climate disruption” threatens the earth, then offers what it sees as viable solutions to stem the tide. Make no mistake, however, the message of “Ice on Fire” is a desperate plea. DiCaprio emphatically intones that we need “100 percent renewable energy now.”



    Me, I’m all about the fundamental lessons.  Simple stuff, like truth, honesty in debates, fair-play in politics and business, respecting the process and products of humanity’s scientific communities.

    Without understanding and appreciating the physical reality of this planet that provides our life support system how are any solutions possible?

    Without respect for honesty and truth in public dialogue what hope is there?

    I mean look at the monstrously maliciously knowingly false bullshit some love peddling with a straight face.  Right here in River City, er CFI.  And if you get pissed off at it, they just feel that much more fulfillment and satisfaction.  Nothing in their character hints at curiosity of interest in constructive learning.  It’s all games and winning.

    This has become a world of the pissed off spoiled stupider that fuk stunted adolescents who are nothing but full of themselves and oblivious to everything and everyone beyond themselves.

    That sure seems to rule these days, and the ones that know better are too timid to stand up to it.  Recipe for disaster.  No movie dwelling on the details of that disaster will help in the least.  We need to learn to appreciate what we have – but too few are interested. So it goes.

    Here guess we’re stuck with the bitch of determinism, the few who are aware can scream inside no, no, bad mistake that one, don’t do it.  Till we turn blue, but no one cares to hear reason and introspection and forethought, or empathy.


    Sorry, missing quote blocks

    Tim’s  first sentence.

    Then two paragraphs:  “Leonardo DiCaprio returns to …

    … Link”



    I’ve had this idea for a science fiction story since I was in college. I started thinking about when the apocalyptic genre was on the rise. The premise is, instead of civilization being destroyed, we are declared the equivalent of a national forest by an intergalactic government. Two bases are setup and people can leave anytime they want and go live on a planet that is not overpopulated. They have to work, but they are treated fairly they take care of each other. The focus would be on a small agrarian settlement 25 years or so after the world had mostly depopulated. There wouldn’t be that much interaction with the aliens in my story. They would be sort of like aliens in the Lathe of Heaven, not saying much, and always sounding a little philosophical.


    You should really give “Ice on Fire ” a look.  It does not just keep restating the threats of climate change.  It relates functional  ideas about how we can stop the CO2 buildup in the atmosphere and potentially even reverse it, with technologies that we have now.  It delivers the message that wind and solar, on a massive scale, are NOW a cost effective means of replacing fossil fuels and will probably be less expensive than fossil fuels when scaled up (even not considering that there is still no carbon penalty on fossil fuels, and even tho there is the existing infrastructure for fossil fuels). And the renewable energy production will create more jobs.

    The other thing the movie does is to show the beauty that still exists in our world, in its cinematography, throughout.

    I think that the persistent and even willful ignorance of so many people on AGW and failure to deal with it is heavily maintained by the existing economic realities. If they can be shown that the economic realities can be better with renewable energies, and that we can do that transition now, perhaps some of the ignorance will subside.

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