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The Purpose of Life

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    Surely not whatever?



    Player occasionally makes a good point in 3 words. “Anything goes” is not a workable system of ethics.



    No I’m not.  You asked about Life, … not the games in our individual heads.   :- )


    Which is what I think you meant to ask about.    ;-  )

    Like I said, you were getting off topic.


    Sherlock Holmes

    It’s instructive to see what scientifically competent skeptics say about abiogenesis. This isn’t hard to do but may take a little time, there’s a lot out there and the more I looked the more I found that it seemed untenable.

    Chirality is a key problem, many many noted scientists over the years have referred to this a problem that cannot have been overcome ‘naturally’ using the laws of nature we understand them today. These are chemists and biochemists who know their stuff, worked in education and industry and contributed to the advanced material world we see today, in short they know of what they speak.

    I won’t list them here but do encourage the open minded seeker after truth to explore this subject.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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