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Trump, tanks for the memories.

Forums Forums Politics and Social Issues Trump, tanks for the memories.

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    Mike’s posts make me sad. I want to have a positive outlook on my children’s future, but people like him ruin it for me. I put on a happy face at home, but I really do despair.

    Ok… now I’m getting kinda mad. Ignorance and it’s power to ruin the world for my kids makes me mad.

    I think I need to go read some of CC’s or Lausten’s posts before I get too far into this mental funk.



    N0t really – it’s about considering the substance, or lack thereof, of this miscreant America placed in the Oval Office.


    Thanks for asking about the cast system.   I was going to ask Mike if he knew anything about the cast system, but deleted it.

    Not that we don’t have a class system with barriers, but  “cast system” – seriously?  But, then considering Mike’s typical disconnected mumbo-jumbo, guess it works.


    Point I would like to make –  the words ‘caste’ and ‘cast’ have completely different meanings.



    CC, about Trump’s mental state.

    Who paid for the video?

    Michael Bloomberg Will Not Run for President in 2020. Deciding instead to finance opposition to President Trump. Group Nine Media Inc. is one of Bloomberg’s projects aimed at degrading the guy that he knew he could not beat for the Presidency.

    As magazine publishers are buying into online media markets, Group Nine has received a lot of investment funds to the tune of $585M. Now they have to perform and get media time. What better way than to go after Bloomberg rival President Trump.

    So far,

    The Little Mermaid is racist.

    Trump’s Mental State.

    Muslim Feminist on Intersectional Feminism.

    Marijuana is rooted in Racism.

    How the White Working Class is Shortening Lives.


    CC, about Trump’s mental state?

    So you think Trump is an upstanding example of a citizen?

    Hell you think he’s a balanced guy?    World “diplomacy” by guess work and maybe yes, maybe no, we’ll see, what do I know?  But its going to be the greatest policy ever.

    You see nothing in his utterances to give you pause?

    You don’t think dependence superlatives, and what ifs and ignoring all the details is a sane way to lead?

    You find nothing wrong with the way he makes enemies out of anyone who doesn’t kowtow to him?

    You find bullying and hyperbole a constructive way to interact with people?

    You don’t thing this bullshit happening at the border, with kids being forcibly separated from their parent, with many destined never to find their parents again (considering the utter incompetence that’s being documented {oh yeah, the documenting has been done by people, who’s political persuasion you hate – so you’ll just pretend it ALL fake.  Guess you like your own news that ignores such things; so much more satisfying.) – not to mention the racial hatred demonstrated by a significant percentage of border ICE agents, especially the newbies?).




    and on and on.



Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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