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Under Humanism because it's about our "human mindscape"

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    When I run across his use of mindscape I just think he doesn’t know what he wants to say.

    What I don’t know, is how to have a genuine discussion with folks totally wrapped up in their EGO driven Gods and political agendas.

    How to crack that shell, that’s a real mother….. oh yeah, never mind.  I promised Lausten I’d try to watch my potty mouth.

    Or how to confront that egomaniacal willful ignorance and it’s stupid self-destructive belligerent dismissiveness and disregard for Earth’s Physical Reality because it interferes with their self-serving gluttonous desires.




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    AUGUST 3, 2008
    God flowing into the Word

    I’ve been told I don’t understand the reality of the Bible.  It’s been explained God acted infallibly through his human agents.  At every stage along the Bible’s evolution God was there flowing into the pages to make it perfect.

    The last time I listened to this opinion an image came to mind:  There was a patient in an operating room, undergoing brain surgery.  The world’s foremost surgeon was there, a doctor of vast knowledge and skill.  But, instead of performing the operation, the expert stands over a child giving step by step concise and complete directions, while the child performed the actual task.  What are the chances of the child getting it right?  Can it be any different when God communicates with myopic self-centered children?

    Claiming the Bible is direct and undiminished from God’s bosom is to imply people can be infallible.  Isn’t such a thing called hubris?  Like adolescents who know it all, blind to every complexity, question or doubt.  Or put another way, claiming the Bible is perfect, complete and infallible is like claiming a photo album can convey the truth of someone’s life to a stranger.


    There’s more   😉


Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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