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What liberal TDS said this, in reaction to the Mueller Report?

Forums Forums Politics and Social Issues What liberal TDS said this, in reaction to the Mueller Report?

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    RE: Obama’s big tax increase.

    I went to Factcheck. Posted on July 10, 2012

    Q: Is the new health care law “the biggest tax increase in history”?

    A: In raw dollars, perhaps. But several tax increases just since 1968 were larger as percentages of the economy, or in inflation-adjusted dollars.

    The costs of Obamacare increased since 2012, that would have made it the highest in history. We can rule out percentages of the economy and just use inflation-adjusted dollars.


    “Nothing has improved”, Not for the upper caste. Major improvements for the lower caste. And you say there is more jobs, but they are low wages. Unbelievable. Sorry, could not hold back. Hell, yes low wages. It is called supply and demand. Stop the immigration and the demand will increase and the wages will go up. The DNS is forcing low wages on our people and many people are working two jobs today.



    RE: ACA costs

    The government has been picking up a lot of the costs of the ACA. And that needs to stop. It was only to take place for a few years to help the ACA get up and running. The government paid $6,832.14 for every enrollee in Massachusetts. $20,499.37 for every enrollee in D.C. and $35,749.00 in Hawaii.

    Source: State Obamacare exchanges, Kaiser Family Foundation, and Pew Charitable Trusts

    It is still uncertain how many people have paid for plans, and with the rising cost of healthcare, it is unknown how people will continue to pay for their plans.



    RE: The Second Depression

    I know what you mean. My viewpoint. A depression, no jobs, soup lines. A recession, plenty of work, but no body can live off the wages of those jobs. And people just give up. Working for nothing is depressing. They would rather stand in a soup line than work for peanuts. Again, caused by supply and demand of labor. Know a carpenter who just gave up. He lived in San Diego. He was doing the finish wood molding on new house. The illegals would do a complete house for $50. He could not compete.



    Lastly the “Fast and Furious” scandal. Not a truth to it:

    Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by an illegal immigrant with a weapon used in the botched Operation Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious led to increased violence and death in Mexico.




    It looks as though everyone gave you a pass.  Guess it was too ludicrous to bother with, but I’m fascinated (well actually more like terrified) at the utter disconnect people display towards what’s in front of their eyes.


    Now since I know you can’t even take physical reality seriously and need to subsume everything into your make-believe political narrative.  Still the truth is our there.  Just gotta poke around.


    MikeYohe,  April 20, 2019 at 11:12 pm –

    “I can’t think of one lie of Trump’s.

    I am having a hard time understanding where you are coming from.”

    Okay, you asked for it Mike


    Fact Checker Analysis

    President Trump has made 9,014 false or misleading claims over 773 days


    Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly

    March 4

    Update, March 17: As of 787 days in office, the tally is 9,179 claims

    Powered by his two-hour stemwinder at the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 2 — which featured more than 100 false or misleading claims — President Trump is on pace to exceed his daily quota set during his first two years in office.

    The president averaged nearly 5.9 false or misleading claims a day in his first year in office. He hit nearly 16.5 a day in his second year. So far in 2019, he’s averaging nearly 22 claims a day.

    As of the end of March 3, the 773rd day of his term in office, Trump accumulated 9,014 fishy claims, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president.

    Trump’s performance at CPAC is emblematic of his version of the truth during his presidency . . .



    Daniel Dale on Whether President Trump Believes His Own Lies

    By Benjamin Hart, APR. 17, 2019


    Daniel Dale, the Washington correspondent at the Toronto Star, has carved out a particular journalistic niche since 2016. On Twitter, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers, and on the Star’s website, he has developed a reputation for calmly but firmly documenting President Trump’s mistruths in real time — from big ones, like his claim that 3 million voters cast illegal ballots in the presidential election, to relatively small ones, like his fudging of countries’ financial contributions to NATO. Dale compiles all the lies in a database and tracks the president’s dishonesty over time, taking a quantitative approach to a presidency that often feels impossible to classify. Intelligencer spoke with him about why Trump lies, whether American journalists give him too much leeway, and his favorite presidential falsehood.

    Almost every time Trump holds a rally, you’re live-tweeting it. And you recently wrote in the Washington Post that you do most of your fact-checking on your own time, “spending weekday nights and painful Sundays staring at rally transcripts in my pajamas.” I was wondering . . .



    All the President’s Lies



    Robert Mueller’s meticulous documentation of Trump’s falsehoods proves the president’s corrupt intent.

    By JEREMY STAHL,  APRIL 19, 2019



    False statements involving Donald Trump





    I did not mean to give Mike a pass with his latest voluminous diarrhea of right wing talking point bullcrap.  The flow was just too much to address all at once.

    Re: Asylum seekers threatening America with TB and other diseases:  Trumpublicans portray the asylum seekers as murderers, rapists, sex traffickers, agents of Drug Cartels, gang members, and now disease vectors.  The few that could be left are supposedly here to blow our budget on social programs, or take jobs from citizens.

    But just regarding the disease-ridden talking point.  The administration was not at all shy about shipping a thousand of the asylum seeking children all about the nation to secret locations (after stripping them away from their parent/s).  If there was such terrible danger of disease, one would think that we would be having outbreaks in all of the secret places that the children were absconded to.




    Re: The Affordable Care Act.  No one ever claimed that the Act was perfect and would not need adjustments and fixes over time to be optimal.   But fixing the deficiencies was NEVER going to happen with Republicans holding the power in both houses of Congress, and especially NEVER going to happen under Trumpublica.  In fact, they not only NEVER considered fixing it, they REPEATEDLY, OVER AND OVER tried to kill it.  When they couldn’t kill it, they have since been trying to, and succeeding in degrading it. They always claimed they were going to replace it with something better.  That was always a LIE.  They NEVER submitted a functional plan for replacement.

    The good news, may be that their malfeasance could lead to an eventual medicare for all system.


    CC, can u tell me WTF Mike is talking about when he says this:

    “…The question is how much is Climate Change affecting Global Warming? Science says it has to have some affect. And that has been given a 3% change in Global Warming. Sea level rise has just been keeping up with Global Warming and we have none for Climate Change so far…”




    CC: Thanks for the compilation of info about Trump’s lies.  He is the most prolific liar that I have ever heard of.  This is a most extreme character defect and, yet, he is our current POTUS.  In fact, if he were not the most prolific liar I have ever heard of, he probably would not be our current POTUS.



    Citizenschallenge-v.3 I wasn’t trying to give MikeYohe a pass either, but the dotard’s lies are too numerous and at this point, I think MikeYohe has his MAGA hat on, unable to hear anything except Faux news propaganda machine- AKA State News. More power to you if he listens to you, but I find it difficult to break through to a Dotard Supporter, with rose colour glasses on.

    TimB, I think we need to explain Climate Change to Mike, because what he said is so far off base that it’s hard to know where to start. The same goes with the ACA.

    Let’s start with the fact that the U.S.A. was never great and try explaining that to him. Each century has had its own set of problems: Slavery, Jim Crow, Women’s Suffrage, ERA, Vietnam, assassinations, Civil Rights, health care, inflation, long gas lines of the 70s, The Great Depression (Solved by the New Deal by FDR, a great Dem) etc and now that orange thing in the big house messing things up. Oh I’m so bad. lol


    TimB said:

    CC: Thanks for the compilation of info about Trump’s lies. He is the most prolific liar that I have ever heard of. This is a most extreme character defect and, yet, he is our current POTUS. In fact, if he were not the most prolific liar I have ever heard of, he probably would not be our current POTUS.

    Seconded. He’s not only a prolific liar, he’s racist, sexist, hypocritical, and bigoted, but I’ve already said that. He denies healthcare to women and is on the side of anti-lifers, wanting abortions banned, criminalizing it, and Planned Parenthood, where women get birth control, defunded. That’s not even talking about his words of “grab them by the p****” and alike.


    Glance thru the new book that is out about his golfing habits.  You will see that he is also a cheat.  Another of his basic character defects.  I don’t think he can control it, at least not completely.

    And we haven’t touched on his basic immorality, and profound lack of human empathy, or his self-centeredness.

    But everything is excused by his followers, because Trump gives off an air of strength, and markets himself as a great businessman.  The economy that he inherited was already on its way up.  He goosed it by trashing protective regulations all over the place and by giving a major tax break to the wealthiest among us, which also served to jack up the national debt in a time of plenty.  Now he is ALSO trying to stack the Fed with his own asskissing appointees so that he can further goose the economy by lowering interests rates – again IN A TIME OF PLENTY.   So now this vaunted businessman has us in a position where he can claim that we must cut social security and medicare and medicaid because of the debt that he insured would be jacked up.  And if he gets his way with the Fed, we will be screwed, when we REALLY need to drop interest rates, but have no room to do so.  Not to mention that all of the trashed regulations mean less consumer protections financial and otherwise, AND less protection of air, water, the environment.  His business acumen is basically like an all candy diet for a three year old.  The kid will have a lot of energy, but things will ultimately go badly for him.  (And the kid had plenty of normal energy before being put on the sugar goosed diet.)



    Tim, better check and see what states the problem of new outbreaks of diseases are taking place in. Democratic controlled states.

    ACA, yes, they tried to kill it. As they should. Even if it was the greatest thing since fried food. We are built on the constitution. It was unconstitutional. All our laws should be constitutional. Don’t you agree? It was saved by the Supreme court and that in itself is very questionable.

    The Medicare for all system that you think we are going to is going to be a bumpy road. That would mean no more new programs for at least ten years. Are they willing to do that?

    Tim as far as Climate Change. The Democrats have done there best to keep it in a state of confusion. It is really very simple. The sun causes weather known as Mother Nature. The effects of mankind are now affecting the weather. How much is the question? It is from 1% to 3% of change to Mother Nature. As far is sea lever rise. Lately, for the last two decades it has been 0% more than the natural rise of Mother Nature.

    What we have learned so far from all of this is that we really need to stop spending money on these universities and colleges until they can start teaching wisdom. Asking CC to explain is just asking her to call me names. A standard operating method for the political climate science of the far left.


    Mriana, I agree with FDR New Deal, a good move. The Dawes Plan does function in a capitalist system. As long as we have a good capitalist system the stimulus system does get the economy moving again.

    After the World War II, America dumped billions and billions in Europe. And it did not take off at first. Where Japan responded quickly. I believe the big difference was that Japan had high morals and less corruption. Trump has removed many regulations and put the economy back into a better capitalist environment and the stimulus money that Obama had put out finally started working.

    So, if you say America was never great. America having a President that did not understand the value of a capitalist system and how to do trade agreement work was not a great thing.

    An example. In a labor management company, I was managing. I thought it would be a great help for the sales department to be able to know what type of companies our idea clients were. And try to obtain those types of business.

    Of the 900 plus business clients the one that stood out was operated by a seasoned degreed owner who operated in a clock work manner. The business was kept spotless and the paperwork was up to the minute.

    On the other end was a business owner who ran his business and household from the same location. He was disabled and had piles of paperwork overrunning onto the floors. And never once was he able to get his weekly payrolls in on time.

    Taking my time putting the prerequisites together because I wanted to wait until the red lining system was properly working. That was where I would not allow the company to do business in certain areas of the city. If sales had a business in one of the red line areas, then they needed my approval to bring them online.

    There were clients that did not speak a word of English mostly from Asia. Never had any problems because we both spoke the international language of money.

    Never did get the idea client requirements implemented. Called my number one client because his bank account was closed. He said he was not going to pay because he had filed for bankruptcy. Could not believe that he would take a running company into bankruptcy. But the facts he told me was that he could make more money doing that and restarting another business again. I lost 80K which at that time was a lot of money.

    I learned the common factor was the level of morals of the business owners. The Asian clients and the small business owners had more morals than the highly educated and the business behind the red line areas. Which were mostly from Mexico and Central America. The red line businesses are like shoplifters to other business, just raising the costs of doing business in that trade. The government cannot red line.

    What the government does is try an regulate by writing more regulations. The regulations have as much effect on the red line businesses as the drug laws do on drug attics, little to none. But those laws highly burden the law-abiding businesses. It is hard for the small businesses to keep up with all the regulations.

    The small businesses account for 98.2% of the business work force in America. The true affect of the regulations is making it harder of the law-abiding business and easier for the corrupt businesses. The goals of a red line business may be as simple as getting a business up and running to file worker’s compensation and a business insurance claim or get a government back business loan. Dump the company and go back to Mexico and buy a farm.

    What I found that worked was just to educate the sales forces in all aspects of managing a business. I could talk to a business for ten minutes and tell you if the business was on the level or not. It is not that hard.

    So. How do you write the regulations for morals?

    That’s simple. Actually, it’s the system that we use before all the regulations took over.

    You let the business regulate themselves. They know the business and what needs to be done to make the trades operate smoothly, a hell of a lot better than the government does. For example. In construction contracting. The government would give the top contractors an A level. The A level contractors had to oversee all the other contractors in their area. And a contractor started at the C level and moved up. Could not become an A level unless three A level contractors approved. This system also worked in the medical trades.

    This requires putting faith in the people instead of paper corporations and regulations. We need to go back to the old system that worked.

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