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what’s accomplished with banning?

Forums Forums Issues & Complaints what’s accomplished with banning?

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    I haven’t had much free time lately so completely missed the Holmes fireworks, and now it seems as though most of that record has been disappeared, so there’s no looking back at it.  Not that I’d have the time – anyone willing to give me a summary of what happen and why actions were taken?


    Can someone explain why there was a general feeling Holmes needed to be banned?

    What specifically was he banned for?

    What did banning him accomplish?

    What’s this about disappearing posts?  What does that accomplish?

    That ones personal because it seems tons of older stuff is totally gone, irretrievable now.

    Guess there’s a storage issue, so it is what it is.   But I still find it disturbing and an indication of how temporary everything seems to have become.  Oh for those days of wading through piles of old newspapers and magazines.   There are some oldies that would have really be cool to be able to drag up, one way or another.  (Hell a lot of my posts are exactly about making a sort of Marker of important events as the weeks and seasons speed by, but that are worth holding on to for occasional historical recall)


    The reason I believe this topic is of crucial importance is because Holmes is an excellent example of the mindset of a third of this county.  Locked away inside a shell, able to disregard learning and constructive honest debate, and going on and on and on without ever hearing or absorbing a thing.

    He’s infuriating as hell, but he should be making us think harder about exposing his deception in real time.

    Fuk the rolled eyes and hurt feelings!!!!!!!

    Dissect his deception – graph it out the way learned people can do with sentences and such.

    Take it as the ultimate enigma nut to crack – and cracking it is important because they (Trumpian faith-shackled flock) want to basically take everyone down to a Lord Of The Flies reality of chaos and he who has the gold makes all the rules, while dictating what reality we are supposed to bow down to.


    Nope instead for decades the Left has done exactly what appears to have happened here.    Slammed the door with hurt feelings or whatever indignation is going inside our collective Mindscapes – and we continue talking past each other.   WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE SOB’s ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH.


    When I scream about

    playing to their script,

    this is what I’m talking about, this being whatever’s gone down over the past couple days regarding the deliberate provocateur who goes by Sherlock Holmes.


    What to do?

    Focus on dissecting his script not with self-indignation but with surgical skill, help education others to how this deception has been playing people’s emotions against themselves.

    Think about the art of Rhetorical Jujitzu (#11) – in the name of honesty rather than deception and confusion.


    If we can’t manage that in very short order, life’s going to get uglier way fast, all the while there’s a climate reality unfolding that we all simply put out of our minds.   We people are such sillies.


    Can someone explain why there was a general feeling Holmes needed to be banned?

    Technically, this should be in the Issues and Complaints thread. That was one of the many violations he made, arguing with me about what was a rule. You can start here and see my comments in blue for other specific violations. I just saw that his user profile has been deleted, I didn’t do that. I just had him blocked and was trying to open a discussion with him via email.

    Any reasons I have, I believe are supported by statements in the Rules. I think a discussion here is a good idea though.


    Take it as the ultimate enigma nut to crack – and cracking it is important because they (Trumpian faith-shackled flock) want to basically take everyone down to a Lord Of The Flies reality of chaos and he who has the gold makes all the rules, while dictating what reality we are supposed to bow down to.

    This is exactly the opposite of the life work of Jonathan Haidt. It also goes against my intuition. I find it hard to believe that people get up at 5am, milk their cows, wade in manure all day, then before bed, plot to destroy the country. The ability of the rich and powerful to get followers has a long history, it sort of IS history. Trying to understand where our innate feelings end and our ability to reason begins is a far more important project to me than trying to change a mind that I don’t understand. It’s even more critical when you stop and realize that the rational/reasoning project has not produced the utopia it was supposed to. It freed us from royal families, but it gave us consumerism and runaway capitalism. When you look at it that way, the guy in the factory worried about his job being taken is looking at you CC as the one who wants to destroy America.


    Some sanity. That’s what’s accomplished.

    CC, Sherlock didn’t contribute. Sure, he got lots of us to find new and better ways of explaining our ideas, but I’d happily do that with anyone other than a troll who’s only goal is to be a troll. After months of exhausting and frustrating communication, we got nowhere.

    Think of communication as though it were running- you will improve your ability to run by going up hills going long distances and sprinting, not slamming into a cliff over and over and over and over. Communicating with a range of normal people is running hills, long distances and sprints. Communicating with Sherlock is running into a cliff.

    It takes a lot for people to get banned and Sherlock worked extremely hard to make it happen.


    Thanks for letting us know, otherwise that would be another forum violation. However, I said I would put you on 48 hour block, soooo, you kinda are violating that rule.

    Not to mention the little send off you gave me yesterday.

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    Did you see this response from him? It was a question you had asked several times about providing examples of irreducible complexity.

    If I’ve been silent on that question then its because you can easily find these yourself. I have no interest in digging these out and posting them only to whatch you then dig out purported refutations by “scientists” and thus begin another merry go round with you.

    Recall I’m not trying to convert you (as you are me) but disagreeing with certain things that I see posted here.

    I think evolution is reasonable and plausible but I no longer believe it is true, something else happened of that I’m convinced.

    He spent a lot of keystrokes yesterday either telling us how smart he is, or how dumb we are. He ran out of steam a couple weeks ago and was reduced to “do your own research” type of statements, literally and figuratively. Someone even caught him saying that science couldn’t prove anything but a couple posts later that he had scientific proof. There is no way out of this trap that he set for himself, except to realize he is in it. It’s like he’s drowning in two feet of water, he just needs to put his feet down.


    Anyone who wants to continue playing with Sherlock or just watch him create in another train wreck, go here: http://www.religionforums.org/Thread-The-problems-inherent-in-natural-selection

    He started the thread today and people have already called him out exactly like he was here. They sound very much like any you folks here, so it will be interesting to see if his MO is different when dealing with resistance on a religious forum.


    He started the thread today and people have already called him out exactly like he was here.

    Looks like a pretty decent forum. I wish them luck. I’m sad that he deleted his profile here and all his posts went with it, at least they could come here and see where he’s headed. I wonder if he’s done that anywhere else and is just desperately seeking acceptance.


    On the forum Sherlock has decided to infest, there’s a chap named Herminator who’s not going to let him get away with anything.

    He’s acting calm and reasonable at the moment, but the mask is definitely going to come of shortly.

    Once again, here’s the link to the impending fireworks, http://www.religionforums.org/Thread-The-problems-inherent-in-natural-selection

    [It might not be proper to spy and act immature, but it’s so gosh darn heartwarming to see a guy like Sherlock to get his comeuppance, that I can’t help it.]


    Sherlock/The Master literally invited to observe his interactions, so I don’t feel bad at all. He won’t be the first member here that I’ve found on other forums and seen them get banned. Herminator started out quoting directly and being very specific about his errors. That was one of Sherlock’s complaints about us, that we didn’t do that. Only a matter of time before he starts complaining about how science doesn’t work.


    This is the only forum I’ve been on, so I have no clue as to how strict this place is compared to others, but I have a feeling that you and the other moderators here are more forgiving that other forums.

    Even though Sherlock is arguing ‘for’ religion in a religious forum, I think his personality will create too much heat for him to stay there as long as he stayed here.

    He needs weak minds to bully. If his attack doesn’t make his opponent retreat he simply uses the same attack, only louder and more condescendingly. This cycle repeats, quickly spiraling out of control, until he is exterminated. It would be interesting to know how many other forums he has infested, or if we were the lucky bunch he chose to start with.


    Thank’s for those comments and that link up there.  Remember I’m reading this against the backdrop of watching Republicans in action raping the heck out of reality, law  and civility (Yes, what hope can there be for our governmental institutions when the people in charge of them have such dripping contempt for those governmental institutions – like Nunes, Jordan, Stefanik.) while royally screwing our future beyond what any of us could have imagined even a decade ago. – and it’s all so normalized.

    I guess I think people way underestimate the magnitude of the destabilizing cascading consequences being kicked into high gear these days and lordie lord this next year worth of campaigning that’s going to be more controlled by the highest bidder and AI algorithms based on data mining.  And the sheep keep munching on the grass.


    In the end we have lots of good reasons for talking past them.  But, I keep wondering why can’t we just keep pounding them with their disconnect from reality and in the process help us ourselves better understand what’s happening.  I mean this isn’t academic, this acquiesce has real world hard consequences.


    But you know what’s funny, every time I go off on those flights of fancy, it’s like: “Petie, seriously???, you really want people in general to ‘appreciating what we have done and the consequences speeding our way?” – well okay, guess I don’t* – probably best just do keep on keeping on, no worries and when the hammer falls for our little corner of the world that’s that – same as it ever was, adapt and preserver, or not.

    Of course, excepting this time, there won’t be any more pristine landscapes to run off and discover.  We’ve arrived at the end of the road.  So sad, so stupid, so self-absorbed, when all we needed was to recognize this planet that actually and truly can be described as Our Mother Earth.  I believe the rest would have flowed from that, living in harmony  (not a good word, in sync, cooperating with natural cycles and nurturing a rich biosphere, one that could sustain generations) with the laws and rhythms, the ways and means, of this living planet Earth.  Not all hunky dory, but, nothing ever is, at least our children would have had a future.  Now they just have today for sure.  And tomorrow’s going to be tougher.


    But instead we laughed it off and consumed it fast as possible..


    * but that doesn’t mean I can stop struggling with it.  Xian has his emptiness, i got wrapping my mind around our willful self destruction.  I always knew civility was going to be in trouble when things started getting tougher, but I never imagined things would disintegrate they way the have the past few years.   Watching those Republicans on that committee was a terrifying experience – they are so far gone.       and they’re just getting going with their frothing angry rejection of facts and reality in favor of their unachievable pipe-dream that will only bring more heartache and destruction to our country and the world.  –  and  more rational humanistic minds are simply impotent against base scared instinctive reaction.


    OH speaking of the hearings, yesterday when they had business after the hearing and the Republicans had motions to call the Bidens to testify.  Rather than allowing debate, Democrats circled the wagons and tabled those motions fast as possible – Why didn’t the Democrats have the cohones and facts and sense to confront every deceptive meme being peddled on FOX and repeated by Trump and those Republican up there who obviously don’t want to hear the facts.

    – NOooooooooooo instead – slam that door.


    In the end to  me banning Holmes is as failed a strategy as that sort of repeated failures to take advantage of the moments of opportunity to CONFRONT AND TEACH, if not them, then at least it would have served to  help their own side better appreciate the situation.

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