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Worst Commander in Chief Ever?

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    One person is making a difference these days. > Our military’s CiC. < He said that he took action to stop a war not to start one.  The action he was referring to was assassinating the Iranian military and political leader, Soleimani.  T rump didn’t say what war he stopped by doing that.  But committing an act of war (and this WAS an act of war) tends to start wars.


    Trump is a busy guy and too high up in the chain of command. The tactical order to strike probably came from someone in Joint Special Ops tasked with taking out high value targets when they are acquired. Soleimani must have been in their sights. When they got him, Trump was informed (probably on a golf course or while he was scarfing down a Happy Meal).


    Is that how assassinating world leaders works in your Happy Meal imagination?

    If we are just going to make things up, here’s how my full on meal deal imagination works:  T rump is freaking out about the attack on the $750 million embassy in Iraq.  He doesn’t want it to be associated in any way with the word “Benghazi”.  He wants something done, NOW!  His intelligence briefers mention the name Qassam Soleimani as being associated with the Iranian faction that attacked the embassy.  He tells his military men to <i>take out Soleimani</i>! Maybe there is someone in the admin still, who has the balls to say “That may not be a good idea, Mr. President.” Maybe not. But if so, T rump blew them off, and continued eating his double quarter pounder with cheese, content in his knowledge of his own greatness of power over life and death, as a bit of sauce drips down onto his oh so long red tie.



    Iran is now back on track to develop nukes, thanks to T rump.  Also when Iran inevitably responds to the assassination of Soleimani (one of his many funeral gatherings shown above), T rump has said “the United States had pinpointed 52 targets in Iran — including cultural sites.

    When it was pointed out that the part about targeting cultural sites is an intention of committing a war crime, the White House lied and said that he did not suggest that cultural sites would be targeted.

    T rump is an expert in skirting the law.  He is above the law, including international law, apparently. He lies, hides info, uses the legal system to delay justice, until he runs out the clock on crimes.  He could care less about laws that conflict with what he wants to do, except when they get in his way.  And he has come to be able to circumvent any such rules.

    Also, I think it was yesterday when Sec of State Pompeo, painted a rosy picture of how citizens in Iraq and Iran were celebrating the death of Soleimani.  I imagine there are some, but the picture above in more representative, I think of their feelings about the assassination of Soleimani.

    Remember when Cheney said that our invasion in the Iraq war would be met with flowers by the Iraqis?  And that the war would be over quickly and would pay for itself?  What is left of the chickenhawk Neo Cons, has risen again.



    The Iranian war that T rump has gotten us into, now, has already diverted out troops from keeping ISIS at bay.

    Recall how Cheney/Bush obsession re: deposing Saddam, diverted from what we were doing in Afghanistan?  Well, “The cessation of American operations against the Islamic State is likely to allow what remains of the terrorist group to reconstitute itself in the ungoverned spaces it flourishes in, much as it did when Turkey invaded northern Syria in October.”

    I think that T rump’s poverty of character will hurt us badly at some point.  And that point seems to be growing near. It may be impossible to avoid by now.


    This website should be in everyone’s library for current politcal facts. Its maintained by Politifact and has some very revealing statistics.



    PBS’s Frontline aired for the last two nights an in depth profile of Barack Obama and the current specimen in the White House called The Great Divide. In an attempt to explain how our nation has become so bitterly polarized two hours were spent on the prior administration and two hours on the current “administration.” There has never been such a starkly contrasting look at the personalities of two men who’ve become president. After watching this incisive presentation I come away with an even greater respect for Barack Obama and his genuine desire to help this nation heal its self-inflicted wounds. Considering what he inherited from the war criminal who preceded him, and how he was treated by the corrupt Republican Party, Barack Obama should and eventually will be ranked highly for his performance.

    Then the spotlight was focused on the present occupant of the Oval Office. The difference in men couldn’t be more extreme. Seeing Donald Trump and his supporters was a very depressing reminder of the racism, violently intolerant bigotry, and general ignorance of those who fervently support him. I’ve always avoided comparisons to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s thinking they might be needlessly inflammatory, but I now believe that’s the closest and certainly the most accurate historical analogue to what’s presently happening in our country. In this American version of the “cult of personality” old themes and features of authoritarianism are seen and willfully employed by Donald Trump. I noticed when he gives a speech to the gullible masses he’ll occasionally stop, walk a few steps from the podium, look out into the crowd and drink in the enormous adulation. For a malignant narcissist this is like gasoline poured on a fire and for our democracy something very, very dangerous. Exploiting divisions and turning one group against another is a common tactic of demagogues and Donald Trump is masterful at this. His skillful use of hate as a political tool is on display every time he speaks. Adolph Hitler did exactly the same thing. Watching this revealing PBS program called “The Great Divide” was sobering and not very reassuring. Our nation is in trouble.


    That Frontline was a review of other Frontlines, but it was worth the time. It reminded me that there was a time before I knew that analytical companies were targeting me and trying to get me to click on whatever. I can take some comfort knowing that these tactics are more successful on Republicans than Democrats, but they are still successful. I’ve seen some friends get sucked into gun rights and 9/11 truthism. We lose people we need in the fight for justice when that happens. And it’s done for a few bucks in somebody’s pocket. Even when it gets to the billionaires, they can’t spend all of that, they are just feeding another bunch blood suckers who charge them to store and hide their money in the Caymans. If they started withdrawing it and sending it to help koalas or something, they would get kicked out of the club.

    But I digress. The thing is, we know now. We know people around us are being duped every day. But blaming them is like blaming the troops for Vietnam. We can’t make that mistake again.


    So what do we do? The dupes are being duped faster and more completely than truth can keep up with.


    This forum is part of the answer. Every time someone reads a well considered rationale posted on this site explaining why Trumpism is so dangerous to this country and the world civilization is pushing back even if incrementally on the barbarism and tribal ignorance espoused by Trump. It should be the job of those candidates seeking to displace him and maybe it will come to that but thus far their words seem tepid. In a very real sense, every time a contributor writes and reasons with clarity on this valuable 1st Amendment platform progress is made. If a man walking in the night sees his neighbors barn starting to burn and rings the warning bell over and over again outside his neighbors window but fails to wake him because he most likely went to bed drunk again, he has done all he can do and all he can be reasonably expected to do. What more can he do?

    Mr. Lausten it’s good to read your comments. I value the challenging  encounters I’ve had with your keen intelligence.


    But in our case, it is not just the neighbor’s barn that is at risk.  It is everyone’s.


    Well said Tim,

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