• Xain replied to the topic Reality isn’t what we think in the forum General Discussion 2 days, 5 hours ago

    Your obsession with this is not healthy. In my opinion you need professional help.

    I suffer greatly from anxiety, so I am not judging you or your mental health in any way whatsoever. I am simply stating what I believe is your best bet to overcome this obstacle you have to enjoying your life.

    It is frustrating to see you flounder around on here and ignore all attempts to help you. My blunt and unfiltered comments might not be the soft and easy answer you want, but I would bet my life that I am right that you would benefit from professional help.

    You are free to continue not understanding whether ‘reality is what we think’ (or any of the hundreds of other philosophical questions you have), and using those questions as excuses to not participate in life, but I have a feeling that even you know deep down that it is a problem you can’t face alone (or with help from random strangers on an internet forum).

    Those of us suffering mental issues can see the rest of the world living fulfilling lives while we suffer privately. For your own sake, please get some help and make the most of your life. I know you’re not that old, so it’s the perfect time to do something about it.

    Because the problems are the questions being asked that uproot everything I knew and believed in. Did you even read the link? Talking about how home is just a concept, same with countries and the self. This isn’t a mental health issue, it’s having my worldview ripped from under me and not being able to look at everything that same way again or to pretend anymore. Buddhism, against what I wanted, showed how much of the world I take to be real and solid is just made up by us and our minds. That is something I can’t unsee, as much as I want to forget. So no, you have got it all wrong and no amount of therapy can help with these big questions.