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    Widdershin, I agree that many hypnotherapists may be applying incorrect techniques and may, either deliberately or accidentally suggest/plant ideas into their subjects. While you may be able to plant an idea into a subject, I don’t think that you can actually instill entire episodes with the detail and frequency that have been found. The problem is that there are a bunch of quacks out there, spreading all sorts of nonsense and speculation, so it becomes difficult to separate legitimate studies from half-hoaxes. I absolutely agree on this.

    I’ll concede the prove/disprove argument because I was not thinking about its applicability towards topics such as religion/god. Yes, I do have confirmation bias on the topic of abductions, so what? That is because I have been studying this phenomenon and have a greater understanding of it than you. I don’t want to convince you, or anyone else about it either way. Read my first post above, all I was saying was that if the original poster really wanted to research this, just do it, don’t try and convince anyone, just seek the truth. But here I am being attacked over my statement regarding skeptics, who are clearly biased based on their perception of our reality (uninformed and without any serious research into this field). I have no idea about fairies, I have no opinions, I do not know if they exist or not, I could care less. But if I did care, I  would not form an opinion about that until I conduct research adequate to rule out the possibility of their existence.

    All things perceived cannot be proven. Modern science can’t prove the pranic system or nadis, but they were described 6,000 years ago and have been a reality for yogis and others studying similar practices since then. It is not paranormal, it is not mystical, it is quite simply a pathway for the circulation and integration of energies into our physical system. Can we prove it? Does that make it not real? Did gamma rays exist before we could measure them? Do I care if you (or anyone) are adequately convinced about the alien abduction phenomenon?

    My claim of there not being proof of the aliens behind the abductions is based on my understanding of the phenomenon. Their strength lies in us staying unaware of their existence. They mess up all the time, I never said they were perfect. They have a technological advantage over us which we will never match, but no one is perfect; we actually have an advantage over them, that is why they are here in the first place.  Still, don’t expect physical proof- I never mentioned a conspiracy, I don’t want to go there. The proof is in the abductees, being returned to an incorrect place, having their clothing on backwards, etc. The messed up mind wipes are not a fault of the aliens, but of abductees gaining awareness and willingness to remember. Often something benign can trigger a memory, for example, the hum of an air conditioner, or something with a noise or smell similar to what was experienced. These traumas are real, these people have issues.

    Regarding the grays, is there so much information about them out there? Do you know how they act, how they smell, how many are typically present during an abduction, what their purpose is? Yes, they are the most famous of the phenomenon. That doesn’t mean that people are able to describe their actions in the same way due to publicized media, you won’t find the detail regarding the grays on TV. They smell terrible, like death, like something horrible which is described similarly in nearly every account. They don’t control anything other than the abductee, they don’t control mantis creatures or reptiles, you’ve got it backwards. They grays are a type of cyborg, they are living flesh, but they themselves are not really alive, they have some sort of computer incorporated within them. There are different types of grays, and the differences described in the accounts led to much confusion during the early years of study, since the differences could not be accurately addressed and therefore led to problems with the scientific method applied to their study. It turns out that the grays are controlled by the other races, the grays do the work. There will always be several grays to one commanding race type (reptoid, mantis, humanoid, etc). Each race has their own type of gray, that is what attributes to the differences in the grays themselves. Since grays are the first and last creatures to been seen during an abduction (they do the work), that is why we have the most accounts of them, they are the easiest to remember.

    It is true, there are several races competing amongst themselves. Yes, there are reptile-like, mantis-like, humanoid-like, non-physical beings, and others. I guess that’s just how it is… is that really surprising? That there be more than one type of alien race conducting abductions on people? What is actually more disturbing are the reports of human military also present during abductions, it really does seem like science fiction. Probably better to forget about it all and just call it a fantasy, it makes more sense and lends to a better night’s sleep.