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    So much wrong with that. First, it is a well known fact that many, if not most, hypnotherapists treating “abductees” are actually planting the “recovered” memories. Hypnosis is not magic. It’s barely scientific. It’s an altered mental state during which the subject willingly gives control over to another. The subject will enter REM when in a hypnotic trance, just like when dreaming, or even daydreaming. REM is associated with our minds fabricating things on a subconscious level. When we DON’T enter REM is when we’re thinking really hard to retrieve lost memories.

    As for the dimensions he described not being measurable or provable through ordinary means, pure hogwash.  If humans can perceive them, they can be measured and studied.  You go out of your way to say that they cannot be disproved, but that is actually true of all things which aren’t real.  Since fairies don’t exist you’re not going to find anti-fairy footprints where fairies didn’t walk to prove they don’t exist.  That which does not exist does not leave behind evidence of any kind, including evidence to prove its nonexsitence.  Simply stating it can’t be disproved is evidence of confirmation bias.

    And then you claim that there will never be proof of what you believe?  That’s just nonsense.  These beings are so perfect that they will never slip up and leave behind evidence?  Except all the times they slip up and screw up the mind wipes.  THEN they’re not perfect.  Or, when they do leave behind something, our government is the perfect one, capable of hiding something for all eternity.  Our own history will show you that simply isn’t true.  We know about our government purposely exposing our troops to radiation from atomic bombs to see what it would do to them.  We know about our government purposely infecting people in South America with STDs to see how it would affect their children.  The government is notoriously bad at keeping secrets.  Hell, they just accidentally released classified UFO footage a few weeks ago.  But in these claims they’re always perfect at it, never letting the “truth” slip.

    This is a classic “This is totally true but I can’t prove it because GIANT CONSPIRACY!” claim.  The proof that it’s true is that there cannot be proof that it’s true.  That’s just now how it works.  Eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable.  This is ESPECIALLY true when those accounts are being manipulated while the subject is in an altered mental state vaguely resembling a dream state.

    As for the accounts all being the same, ever heard of the grays?  Know what they look like?  Me too.  So if I were to imagine what an alien abductor might look like how likely do you think it would be that I describe the same short, gray skinned, big eyed creatures described around the world?  And it’s not always the same descriptions, is it?  Sometimes they’re lizard people.  Sometimes they’re mantis people.  Sometimes the grays have mantis people as a sort of labor force.  The great thing about working with anecdotal evidence is that you get to pick and choose which stories are “real” and which stories are “fantasies”.  So the ones I like, the ones that match, those are “real”.  And the ones I don’t like, the ones that don’t match, those are “fantasy”.  And if I hear something new that I really like, but it doesn’t match what everyone else is telling me, I simply ask my subjects, “Did you, by any chance, happen to see giant humanoid mantis looking things acting as a sort of work force under the command of the grays” and, wouldn’t you know it, the subject suddenly “remembers” that little tidbit.